Win10 auto update close method



I. why do many people choose to disable win10 automatic update?

1. Win10 automatic update definition:

The auto update function of win 10 is windows update. This function is intended to provide update services for some software, vulnerabilities, etc. Generally speaking, as long as the computer is connected to the wireless network, when you want to update something, the computer will start automatic update.

2. Problems caused by win10 automatic update:

1. Many users responded that the computer was automatically updated to the latest version unconsciously. The previous system was used well and did not want to be upgraded, but it was secretly updated by win10. The automatic update of win10 has brought them a lot of troubles. The familiar operation mode and the skilled system used before have to be adapted again as soon as they are updated.

2. It was in use, but win10 suddenly jumped out of the pop-up box and said that it would take the initiative to update, and then the page was changed, jumping to the automatic update page, and the thing at hand was forced to stop. Some people are browsing the web, or doing other unimportant things. In this case, the loss of these people is not big. But there are many people who are suddenly interrupted at work or in the game and are forced to stop what they are doing and look at the computer screen.

3. According to many people, it takes several hours to update win10. Sometimes it starts in the morning, but it hasn’t been updated in the evening. Maybe it will wait until the next day to see if it can continue to be used. And in many cases, the update of win 10 will show that the update fails, and then the computer automatically starts to restart the configuration update and start a new round of updates. But we can only wait while we are crazy, and we have to smash the computer’s heart. (in person, I helped my colleagues to make a day’s update yesterday, but today it’s completely updated. The whole thing is dizziness and brain swelling.)

4. Problems left after the update of win 10. Some users find that after the update, the page is not as smooth as before, there will be a jam, and there will be a situation that the wireless network card is almost out of order after the update, and the network speed card is not working. Some people also say that the application on the computer often flickers back after the update, which greatly affects the use experience and makes people angry. Even some users find that their files are missing after the update, and the data is missing. There is no way to recover them.

In a word, you should be careful when updating. You must choose a good time. When you need to use the computer urgently, don’t update it at will. Then I recommend you to turn off the automatic update of win10.

How to turn off win10 automatic update

1Click Start menu, i.e. bottom left corner Icon;


2. click the setting icon to enter the setting.


3, go to update and security.

4Enter “windowsUpdate “Advanced options.

5. keep these checkboxes closed.

If5Step operation failed, or can’t change to closed state, please follow the steps below to changewindowsUpgrade service.


1, start task manager.


Use the shortcut key win + R and press enter to open the running program input: services.msc

2. Click “OK” to open the service interface,findwindows update Service, as shown below:


3、Double click it to open the settings box.

4, first click stop to stop the service and wait for a while.

5、Re selectionStartup type, select disable.

6. Select “restore” and change to “no operation”, and then click “apply” and “OK”.

At this point, the operation to disable automatic upgrade is completed.

OK, today’s sharing about win10 automatic update is here. If you have any questions, please leave a message!


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