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2020 latest win10 serial number win10 version one click permanent activation (genuine genuine permanent activation) win10 2004 professional 64 bit mirror unique remote maintenance operation play, let you in the computer problems can be easily solved, get more quality, good system play enjoy. Win10 2004 professional 64 bit mirror system in a very powerful security mechanism to bring you a good operating experience, enjoy a more secure system operation. The system has a strong compatibility, can be installed on a variety of computers, whether it is laptop, desktop, assembly machine can be easily installed to use. Win10 professional version of the official website to share the latest win10 serial number of 2020, win10 version of one button permanent activation (genuine permanent activation).

2020最新 win10序列号  win10版本一键永久激活(真正正版永久激活)

The activation steps are as follows:

1. First, right-click the desktop [this computer], select [properties], view the system version, take the professional version as an example, then right-click the start icon, select [Windows shell (administrator)], or command prompt administrator;

2020最新 win10序列号  win10版本一键永久激活(真正正版永久激活)

2. Open the command window, copy the command slmgr / ipk w269n-wfgwx-yvc9b-4j6c9-t83gx, (if you want to activate for 400 years, copy the enterprise g version key) in the command window, the right mouse button will paste automatically, press enter to execute, install the key, even if you are a retail version, you can also install the key into VL version;

3. Then copy the command slmgr / SKMS Right click to paste automatically in the window and press enter to set kms server. Kms server can also be or , which kms activation servers are available;

4. Finally, copy the command slmgr / ATO, right-click in the window to paste automatically, and press enter to activate the product;

2020最新 win10序列号  win10版本一键永久激活(真正正版永久激活)


5. To view the activation status, execute the command slmgr / XPR, enter, KMS activation for 180 days, and continue to execute the above operation renewal when it is expired. If the 400 year enterprise g version activation is executed, it is equivalent to permanent activation.


2020最新 win10序列号  win10版本一键永久激活(真正正版永久激活)


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Windows 10 Core Chinese Languange Edition:R3BYW-CBNWT-F3JTP-FM942-BTDXY