Win10 64 bit, Beihang graduate education system file printing method (old version of gsmis), as long as three steps can solve;


Recently, I’m going to graduate, so I need to use the educational administration system to print the report. I always trouble my classmates to use their computers to print the report. Because listening to students say that the old version of the system is too difficult to print; Today, I spent a few minutes to find a feasible solution;

I think some students used XP virtual machine to imitate the environment around 2008 to print, which also took a lot of effort

The method in this blog should take less than 5 minutes and no more than 3 steps;

  1. Using Chrome browser, install IETab plug-in:Ie tab entry , Need to access the Internet;;
  2. To install the table control:; And refresh the page;
  3. Select, print, print to PDF and save to local;

Error resolution:

If the following error occurs:

  Please refer to the following links for solution: printing, you need to set the printing properties;

Keep updated. For more information, please pay attention to;