Win10 20h1 quick preview 19037.1 how to manually update and upgrade?


December7On the th, Microsoft pushed againWindows 10 20H1Quick Preview19037.1System update.

Here is a quick preview of windows 10 20h119037.1Update the tutorial.

Windows 10 20h1 quick Preview19037.1Update tutorial

◆ system version before update:

Windows 10 Insider Preview 19035.1 (vb_release)

◆ update preparation:

* Select preview experience member settings:Slow (or fast))

*Check and repair system files before upgrading:

In the windows PowerShell administrator window, enter:sfc /SCANNOWCommand and press enter(Enter), after its operation is completed, if it displays:WindowsIf resource protection finds the corrupted files and fixes them, we can run againsfc /SCANNOW Command until:WindowsResource protection did not find any integrity conflicts.

*Update nextwindows 10Cumulative update of versionKB4533028

Enter Windows settingsUpdating and security; stayWindows In the update window, you can see:

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version Next (10.0.19035.1000) (KB4533028)

(cumulative update for the next windows 10 version)

Status: waiting for restart

Click: restart now

Enter configuration update after computer restart

Configuring update 0% – 30%

Restart the computer and continue the configuration update after restarting

Configuring updates   30% ~ 100%

*Download and installWindows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)System file

Restart the computer and enter windows update. You can see:

Update available

Windows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)

Status: waiting for download

Click: Download


Windows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)

Status: downloading 0% – 100%


Windows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)

Status: installing 0% – 100%


Windows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)

Status: waiting for restart

Click: restart now

◆ update

*ConfiguringWindows 10 to update

Status: 0% – 100%


*RenewWindows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)system

During the process of updating system files, the computer will restart 4 times:

Configure windows 10 to100%After, restart for the first time;

Restart the second time when upgrading and updating system files 0% – 30%;

Restart the third time when upgrading and updating system files by 30% – 75%;

Restart for the fourth time after upgrading and updating 75% – 100% of system files;

*Carry out subsequent operations to upgrade and update the system

● Hi, you’re all right!

● we have released some updates for your PC. 

● this may take several minutes

● the sword Pavilion is towering and towering. One man is in charge of the pass, and ten thousand men cannot open it.

These updates will escort your online journey.

● right away

◆ check the upgraded system version

The upgraded system version is:

Windows 10 Insider Preview 19037.1 (vb_release)

The above is: Windows 10 20h1 quick preview19037.1Update the tutorial for friends’ reference. Stay tuned for moredeveloppaer

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