Win10 1903 cumulative update 18362.418 update patch kb4517389 (with patch download + update content attached)


Today, Microsoft released a routine update to all win10 systems. The cumulative update patch for win10 1903 version code kb4517389 shared by this site will be upgraded to win10 18362.418 after the upgrade. From the update time, this update is a stable version update. This update fixes several security issues. This article brings cumulative updates kb4517389 offline downloads and known updates.

Win10 1903 cumulative update kb4517389 download address:

[64 bit] 2019 – 10 cumulative update for windows 10 version 1903, for x64 based system (kb4517389), click download

[32-bit] 2019 – 10 cumulative update for windows 10 version 1903, for X86 based system (kb4517389) Click to download

Win10 1903 cumulative update kb4517389 update:

1. This update has solved the problem of errors in related supporting programs and printer drivers when Windows JavaScript script engine processes print jobs.

2. This update has solved the problem in cve-2019-1318 security vulnerability, which will cause processor delay in the extended key client and server.

3. This update has corrected the security problems of IE and Microsoft edge browsers to improve the overall stability and security of the above browsers.

4. This update also aims to verify the user name and password and release the update for storing and managing files, improving the reliability of verification and the stability of file management.

Users can update through windows update check, or download cumulative update patches for installation.

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