Win10 1809 cumulative update 17763.529 update patch kb4497934 (with patch download and update summary)


Microsoft started pushing code namedCumulative update patch for kb4497934After the update, the version number will be upgraded to build 17763.529. It should be noted that only when the patch is updated can the latest official version of win10 1903 be received from Microsoft. The direct download link for this cumulative update has been released on the Microsoft Update catalog.

Updated content of kb4497934:

According to the update log, this cumulative update fixes redirection issues for Microsoft edge and Internet Explorer browsers. However, the fix may also introduce a problem: the old version of edge browsers will hide comments added to PDF files, such as handwritten comments, highlights and comments.

Microsoft also upgraded the IE browser and fixed the problem of scrollleft. This update also includes a variety of other changes, but most of them are for enterprises and enterprises. Users need to upgrade to windows 10 build 17763.529 or later to receive may 2019 feature updates. In the change log, Microsoft said this cumulative update allows users to decide when to install the feature update.

Allows users to return to the host browser from the Windows Defender application guard (wdag) container.

Solved the problem of circular redirection between Microsoft edge and Internet Explorer 11.

to update wininet.dll To prevent the file transfer protocol (FTP) control session from being recreated.

Resolve issues that may cause Microsoft edge to hide comments added to PDF files, such as inking notes, highlighting, and comments.

It solves the problem of deleting the Userrights policy from all users in the security group when the device is deleted from the mobile device management (MDM) server or the user rights policy is deleted by Microsoft intune.

Solves the problem of disconnecting remote desktop sessions when locking sessions with third-party credential providers.

Resolved a problem that caused Microsoft office and other applications to prompt for a password after changing the user account password. This problem occurs on hybrid azure active directory (AD) connection systems.

Solved the problem of preventing ActiveX control from being installed automatically through proxy server.

Fixed a problem that prevented you from using your azure Active Directory account to log in to your Microsoft Surface hub device. The reason for this problem is that the previous logoff did not complete successfully.

The problem of “incorrect user name or password” caused by login failure and error caused by using empty password or null password and Windows Defender credential guard is enabled.

Resolved possible temporary KRB in applications and services configured to use group managed service account (GMSA)_ AP_ ERR_ Modified Kerberos login failure. This problem occurs when the service account password is automatically updated.

Fixed a problem that may prevent BitLocker from encrypting data drives when configuring the group policy “enforce drive encryption on fixed data drives.”.

Solves the problem of preventing updates from being downloaded from the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server when the Windows Defender application control policy is set to manage which updates can be deployed.

Resolve a problem that could cause event 7600 in the domain name system (DNS) server event log to contain an unreadable server name.

It solves the problem that even if the user accesses the network share of the server, it can not record the last login time of the local user.

It solves the problem of preventing NumLock from working normally in remote assistance session when the remote assistance window gets and loses focus.

Update Moroccan time zone information.

Update PA time zone information.

Solved the problem of international Unicode component (ICU) data that was not updated for time zones and the new Japanese era.

It solves the problem of “it is allowed to unload language function when unloading language”. Group policy.

Solved the problem that the file share witness does not delete the server message block (SMB) handle, which causes the server to eventually stop accepting SMB connections.

Fixed a problem where windows tried to renew the azure active directory (AAD) token certificate when there was no Internet connection. This problem occurs during aad authentication and degrades the performance of the application.

The problem of scrollleft in Internet Explorer is solved.

Resolve the problem that caused rendering to stop working for < SVG > elements.

Solves the problem of assigned access deployment (formerly known as kiosk mode), which prevents users from logging into the assigned access profile. This affects all locales and occurs when the local Administrators group is named without using the English spelling of administrator. In the event viewer, event 31000 displays the source as “Microsoft Windows assignedaccess / Admin” with the error message “unable to find the group used to assign the application.”.

Solved the problem of preventing the 2nd generation virtual machine from starting on the Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V host. In the microsoft-windows-hyper-v-worker-admin event log, event ID 18560 shows “VM name reset due to an unrecoverable error on the virtual processor that caused the triple failure.”

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