Win10 1709 build 16299.1868 update patch kb4556812 (with update + patch download)


On the monthly routine update day, Microsoft has released the latest cumulative updates to various branch versions of windows 10 to fix the security problems of the system and software. Including security updates for IE and edge browsers, office component security updates, Xbox security updates, and security updates for verifying user names and passwords. After kb4556812 is successfully installed on win10 1709, the system version is upgraded to windows 10 build 16299.1868. Please restart the system after installation to ensure that the update can be completely installed.

2020 – 05 cumulative update for windows 10 version 1709 for x64 based systems (kb4556812)Download

2020 – 05 cumulative update for windows 10 version 1709 for X86 based systems (kb4556812)Download


Use Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge updates to improve security.

Update when using input devices such as mouse, keyboard or stylus to improve security.

Use Microsoft Xbox update to improve security.

Update to improve security when Windows performs basic operations.

Used to store and manage updates to files.

Update when using external devices such as game controllers, printers, and webcams to improve security.

Improvements and amendments

Resolve issues that cannot be installed when publishing some applications using group policy objects.

Update 2020 start date daylight saving time (DST) kingdom of Morocco. The problem that caused a memory leak in. Lsaiso.exe handles when the server is under a heavy authentication load and credential protection is enabled.

Solve the running problem klist.exe causes lsass.exe to stop working and generate an access violation error (0xc0000005), please do the following.

Resolved a problem that prevented Microsoft Internet information services (IIS) administrative tools, such as IIS manager, from managing configured applications. Samesite cookie settings web.config

Solve the problem of blocking calls. When ncryptgetproperty() returns the correct pboutput value from, pszproperty is set to “algorithm group”, and you will use the trusted platform module (TPM) 1.2 device.

Internet Explorer, Microsoft script engine, windows app platform and framework, windows input and combination, Windows Media, Windows shell, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft edge, windows infrastructure, windows cryptosystem, windows kernel, windows update stack, Windows core network, windows peripherals, Internet information services, windows network security and container Security updates for windows active directory, windows storage and file systems, and Microsoft Jet database engine.

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