Will the remote office product wind up SOHO freelance


According to media reports, tens of millions of enterprises have started home-based telecommuting in just a few days. The topic of “telecommuting” has also become the most popular topic of discussion in all major community communities, which is basically at the head of all major media and communities. Among them, “video conference” and “remote office” are key words with high search popularity.

Will the remote office product wind up SOHO freelance

Will the remote office product wind up SOHO freelance

Telecommuting is a good solution to the contradiction between return to work demand and epidemic prevention and control. Telecommuting allows employees to reduce the frequency of going out. Controlling the spread of epidemic is also conducive to the development of work, which can reduce certain losses for enterprises.

So at present, some “telecommuting” products are basically blowing up, and major head companies are competing to invest. Alibaba “nail” free video conference has been upgraded to 302 square meters in total; Tencent conference has opened the emergency notification capacity of the hospital to 1000 people, and supports 300 people in audio and video conference at the same time; the office suite “fly book” under byte beat has also launched the “online office” function, providing voice communication, and each office supports up to 50 people in the same time online, and the “project plus” project of smart soft cloud Management tools are also open to the free strategy. The hot tob outlet suddenly broke out, which may lead to the trend of a hundred soft wars.

Whether it’s the tuyere or the trend, but we can confirm that with the recession of the whole environment in 2019, all major companies are facing survival problems, thinking about “how to reduce costs and increase efficiency“, trying to reduce expenditure in 2020 and increase team efficiency, so as to increase cash flow and improve the company‘s ability to resist risks.

1. Improve efficiency: support management by means of digital system, help organizations improve collaboration by improving efficiency in all aspects of software, so as to improve the efficiency of the organization.

2. Reduce costs: reduce expenses and layoffs, so as to reduce the cost input. The non core human resources input changes to the outsourcing mode, and find ways to improve income.

3. Improve efficiency and reduce cost: estimation is a way that every company wants to implement.

What are the consequences of such a big background and contradiction?

1. Collaborative efficiency software will usher in a good opportunity and market.

2. There are a large number of unemployed people.

SOHO (small office, home office) means to work at home. This phenomenon is very common in foreign countries. Some large companies also allow individual positions to start working at home without going to the company to punch in. Or some freelancers start to contract no fixed companies and start the SOHO freelance mode. They can outsource some projects through their own skills and deliver on time according to their own agreements with the other party.

If “telecommuting” solves the problem of delayed start-up of enterprises, SOHO freelancers also solve the contradiction of yearning for freedom and being able to obtain remuneration through their own skills.

We can see that with the new round of live delivery, the rise of self media and the business sinking in China, a large number of small teams or studios have started to rise, and some large companies have also constantly challenged the organizational structure and started to think more about the problems of flattening and sinking. From Baidu Index, we can see the year-on-year and month on month growth of this data.

Will the remote office product wind up SOHO freelance

So will the outlet of telecommuting products blow up SOHO freelance? Through these days of telecommuting, we can first see the voice of some sudden “work at home” partners.

Will the remote office product wind up SOHO freelance

Will the remote office product wind up SOHO freelance

In the result data, we can judge that “telecommuting” is not necessarily suitable for all teams or companies, and “SOHO” is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

However, with the continuous practice and market education of everyone and the increasing recognition of everyone, many people in Soho will start to try and accept, especially the new generation of young people will go to work more and more like freedom and self pursuit.