Why was win10 19h1 slow preview 18362 withdrawn? Major installation bug exposed


On March 21, Microsoft pushed the windows 10 19h1 quick preview 18362 system update for the fast preview channel, and the win10 19h1 preview 18362 system update started pushing for the slow preview channel, which means that windows 10 19h1 is becoming more and more mature. But now there seems to be a serious installation bug,Microsoft has withdrawn the push of 18362, the slow preview version of windows 10 19h1, but the fast preview is not affected.

Here is the original update:

PC general change, improvement and repair

Microsoft fixed a problem that caused some internal testers to crash the connect application startup.

Microsoft has fixed a problem where the Microsoft Store application does not support automatic installation.

Known problems

Starting games using anti cheating software mayTrigger green screen crash (gsod)。

Creative X-Fi sound card does not work properly. Microsoft is working with creative to solve this problem.

Some Realtek SD card readers are not working properly. Microsoft is investigating the problem.

Microsoft said,At present, windows 10 19h1 slow preview 18362 has an installation problem, and the update has been withdrawn

In addition to receiving cumulative updates, insiders in the slow preview has been receiving new 19h1 versions over the past few weeks. After pushing build 18362 to the slow preview channel on Friday, insiders started reporting that they couldn’t complete the update. Microsoft found build 18356.16(KB4494123)There is a problem with cumulative updates that prevents the update installation of build 18362 from completing.This issue only affects internal testers on build 18356.16 who are trying to update to build 18362。 Thanks for your feedback, the team is currently fixing this problem. At the same time, build 18362 will no longer be available to internal testers on build 18356.16, so the test PC will not continue to try and fail to install build 18362.

Microsoft said it would release another system version update once they released the fix and restored build 18362.

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