Why TCP shakes hands three times instead of two


According to my understanding, why TCP shakes hands three times instead of two.
Step by step.

1. TCP is reliable

TCP is a reliable transmission. Handshake refers to TCP establishing link. How can we establish link reliably?

2. The simplest way is to establish a reliable transmission channel

A wants to send data to B. if there is no link, it will be sent directly. So at least build a link.
A sends a request to establish a link first, and B tells a “I received it” after receiving it. So you need a to send once and B to send once to make sure that a sends to B is connected.
Is this really reliable? It’s also possible that after B tells a “I received it”, the channel is blocked, and then sends data to B, but B can’t receive it, but this situation is rare. TCP has other mechanisms to know this situation.)

3. How many packets does AB need to send to establish a link with each other

From 2, we know that a needs to send two packages to a once to establish a link from a to B, and B needs to send two packages to a once, so AB needs to establish a link to each other four times,howeverB tells a that it has received a request from B to establish a link with A. these two packages can be combined into one, so it takes three times

4. Is it OK for AB to link two packages?

As we know from 2 and 3, two handshakes of two packets can only ensure the reliability of a single channel. TCP is duplex and can send and receive packets when mutual confirmation is required. Therefore, two handshakes are not allowed.

5. Formal process

  1. A requests B to establish a link, the syn flag is marked, and the SEQ is filled with X.
  2. B receives the establishment request from a, and then sends syn flag, ACK flag, ACK = x + 1, SEQ = y to a
  3. A receives B’s receive packet and establish request packet, and then sends ack flag to indicate receiving syn packet, ACK = y + 1, SEQ = x + 1

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