Why Spring ???


This article is a translation record of why spring on the official website of spring (with serious colored eggs at the end), trying to cultivate the habit of reading official documents.

I wonder if you are familiar with this scene?

You lost a problem to XX technology exchange group: how to solve it?

A big guy threw out two words: look at the official documents.

At the moment, apart from feeling the “indifference” of society, have you ever thought about such a problem.

How do you usually learn? Through video, blog?

What did you learn in the original way? Have you seen the official interpretation of it? What if someone else’s interpretation is wrong?

For a time, I didn’t have the habit of reading official website documents (generally speaking, I don’t understand English), so I felt it was time to learn.

I’m going to get to know this love hate relationship again recentlySpringLet’s take a look at the official website first.

I noticed the why spring column on the homepage of the official website. OK, that’s it.

The whole process is translated and recorded with the help of translation tools. After all, there are more documents to read.

So there is this article, I hope this is a new starting point of personal learning, looking forward to the formation of some habits.

This article is dedicated to you who have been using spring for a long time, but haven’t read the official information of spring

Let’s get to the point and see what the official website says about spring.

Why Spring ???

According to the content of why spring from top to bottom, a paragraph of the original, a paragraph of translation.

Why Spring?

Why spring( This seemingly simple question reveals spring’s countless pride.)

Spring makes programming Java quicker, easier, and safer for everybody. Spring’s focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity has made it the world’s most popular Java framework.

Spring makes Java programming faster, simpler and safer for everyone. Spring’s focus on speed, simplicity and productivity makes it the most popular Java framework in the world.

“We use a lot of the tools that come with the Spring framework and reap the benefits of having a lot of the out of the box solutions, and not having to worry about writing a ton of additional code—so that really saves us some time and energy.”


“We use many of the tools that come with the spring framework and get the benefits of many off the shelf solutions without having to worry about writing a lot of extra code – which really saves us some time and energy.”

–Mr. so and so

Spring is everywhere

Spring is everywhere

Spring’s flexible libraries are trusted by developers all over the world. Spring delivers delightful experiences to millions of end-users every day—whether that’s streaming TV, connected cars, online shopping, or countless other innovative solutions. Spring also has contributions from all the big names in tech, including Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more.

Spring’s flexible library is trusted by developers around the world. Spring provides a pleasant experience to millions of end users every day, whether it’s streaming TV, connected cars, online shopping, or countless other innovative solutions. Technology giants including Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Microsoft have also contributed to spring.

Spring is flexible

Spring is flexible

Spring’s flexible and comprehensive set of extensions and third-party libraries let developers build almost any application imaginable. At its core, Spring Framework’s Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) features provide the foundation for a wide-ranging set of features and functionality. Whether you’re building secure, reactive, cloud-based microservices for the web, or complex streaming data flows for the enterprise, Spring has the tools to help.

Spring’s flexible and comprehensive extension set and third-party libraries allow developers to build almost any conceivable application. At its core, the inversion of control (IOC) and dependency injection (DI) features of the spring framework provide the basis for a wide range of features and function sets. Whether you are building secure, reactive, cloud based microservice web applications, or building complex data streams for enterprises, spring has tools to help.

Spring is productive

Spring is the symbol of productivity( (multi crane)

Spring Boot transforms how you approach Java programming tasks, radically streamlining your experience. Spring Boot combines necessities such as an application context and an auto-configured, embedded web server to make microservice development a cinch. To go even faster, you can combine Spring Boot with Spring Cloud’s rich set of supporting libraries, servers, patterns, and templates, to safely deploy entire microservices-based architectures into the cloud, in record time.

Spring boot changes the way you deal with Java programming tasks and fundamentally simplifies your experience. Spring boot makes the development of microservices easier by combining application context with automatically configured embedded web server. In order to be faster, you can combine spring boot with spring cloud’s rich support libraries, services, patterns and templates to safely deploy the entire microservice based architecture to the cloud in a very short time.

Spring is fast

Spring is fast

Our engineers care deeply about performance. With Spring, you’ll notice fast startup, fast shutdown, and optimized execution, by default. Increasingly, Spring projects also support the reactive (nonblocking) programming model for even greater efficiency. Developer productivity is Spring’s superpower. Spring Boot helps developers build applications with ease and with far less toil than other competing paradigms. Embedded web servers, auto-configuration, and “fat jars” help you get started quickly, and innovations like LiveReload in Spring DevTools mean developers can iterate faster than ever before. You can even start a new Spring project in seconds, with the Spring Initializr at start.spring.io.

Our engineers are very focused on performance. With spring, by default, you’ll notice the execution of quick start, quick close, and optimization. In fact, spring projects are increasingly supporting a responsive (non blocking) programming model to achieve higher efficiency. The productivity of developers is spring’s super power. Spring boot helps developers build applications easily and more easily than other competing products. Embedded web server, auto configuration and fat jars features can help you get started quickly. Innovations such as livereload in spring devtools mean developers can develop iteratively at an unprecedented speed.

Spring is secure

Spring is safe

Spring has a proven track record of dealing with security issues quickly and responsibly. The Spring committers work with security professionals to patch and test any reported vulnerabilities. Third-party dependencies are also monitored closely, and regular updates are issued to help keep your data and applications as safe as possible. In addition, Spring Security makes it easier for you to integrate with industry-standard security schemes and deliver trustworthy solutions that are secure by default.

Spring has a good track record in dealing with security issues quickly and responsibly. Spring’s committers work with security professionals to patch and test any reported vulnerabilities. Third party dependencies are also closely watched and regularly updated to help keep your data and applications as secure as possible. In addition, spring security makes it easier for you to integrate with industry standard security solutions and provide secure and reliable solutions by default.

Spring is supportive

Spring is supportive (you are not alone in your learning process, you are not the only one with big head)

The Spring community is enormous, global, diverse, and spans folks of all ages and capabilities, from complete beginners to seasoned pros. No matter where you are on your journey, you can find the support and resources you need to get you to the next level: quickstarts, guides & tutorials, videos, meetups, support, or even formal training and certification.

The spring community is huge, global and diverse, covering people of all ages and ability levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. No matter which stage you are in, you can find the support and resources you need to take you to the next level: quick start, guides and tutorials, videos, parties, support, and even formal training and certification.

What can Spring do?

What can spring do?

  • Microservices

    Quickly deliver production‑grade features with independently evolvable microservices.

    Fast delivery of production level functions through independently developed microservices.

  • Reactive
    Spring’s asynchronous, nonblocking architecture means you can get more from your computing resources.

    Spring’s asynchronous, non blocking architecture means you can get more from computing resources.

  • Cloud
    Your code, any cloud—we’ve got you covered. Connect and scale your services, whatever your platform.

    Your code, any cloud – we’ve covered it for you. No matter what platform you use, you can connect and extend your services(It’s full of force)。

  • Web Applications
    Frameworks for fast, secure, and responsive web applications connected to any data store.

    Framework for fast, secure and responsive web applications that connect to any data store.

  • Serverless
    The ultimate flexibility. Scale up on demand and scale to zero when there’s no demand.

    Extreme flexibility. On demand scaling does not scale to zero when there is no demand.

  • Event Driven
    Integrate with your enterprise. React to business events. Act on your streaming data in realtime.

    Integrate with your enterprise. Respond to business events. Process your streaming data in real time.

  • Batch
    Automated tasks. Offline processing of data at a time to suit you.

    Automated tasks. One off line data processing for you.

An unorthodox colored egg

Why Spring ???

In the top right corner of the why spring official page, I noticed such a picture. You can see that there are various links around spring, implying spring’s ambition. Of course, other people have done it, and they have indeed penetrated into various fields of service.

No, it’s not my egg!

Notice that? The picture is again an airplane and a car. That’s not the way we often make complaints about the industry.

Interview building aircraft, work screw???

Spring, enough of you!!! ?

Finish, spread flowers.

I wish you a happy and interesting process of learning spring!

See you next time!