Why learn Oracle technology?


Why studyOracletechnology?


As we all know, Oracle occupies more than 48.1% market share in enterprise database field, and becomes the absolute leader of high-end enterprise database software. With the passage of time, the scale of enterprise database is expanding, and experienced Oracle DBA is more and more welcomed by enterprises. We can see this clearly from the job requirements on the famous job search website.

Oracle database is one of the most high-end databases. It usually runs on Linux / Unix and other expensive systems, and is the lifeblood of enterprises. A qualified Oracle DBA requires extensive technical knowledge, not only proficient in Oracle database itself, but also proficient in Linux management, storage, development (PL / SQL, Java / PHP / C / C + +) and other knowledge. It can be seen that a qualified Oracle DBA needs a long time of training, and I also need to make unremitting efforts to be competent for the job of Oracle DBA. Due to the high cost of training and learning for Oracle DBA, senior Oracle DBA in the market is always in short supply of talents, and it is a popular target for companies to recruit. In the U.S. job market, it is common for experienced Oracle DBAs to earn $100000 to $170000 a year.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of an enterprise. Enterprise data is growing rapidly every day. The experience of dealing with various complex situations of enterprise data is the most valuable skill of DBA. Therefore, the older the Oracle DBA is, the more popular it is. The more stable the job is, the less vulnerable the position is to the threat of outsourcing. Learning Oracle DBA knowledge has become one of the important ways for individuals to obtain high salary and stable work.