Why is the computer plugged in the headset and the computer plugged in the headset or the external solution?


Generally, when we insert headphones into the computer, the sound will come out of the headphones, but many users have found such a problem, that is, whether to plug the headphones into the computer or put them out, and do not know what to do, restart the computer and re-plug the headphones. The same problem, what should I do? For this reason, this article will bring you a solution tutorial for plugging in the headphones and putting them on the computer.


1. First, use other earphones or mobile phones to check whether the metal contacts of the earphones are normal. If the earphones cannot be used on the mobile phone, it may be due to the reasons of the earphones. Try using a different earphone.

2. To eliminate the headphone problem, it may be the computer sound card problem. Click "Control Panel" on the desktop.

3. On the home page, select "Hardware and Sound", in the new pop-up menu, find "SmartAudio" and click.

4Open the "SmartAudio" menu as shown. Click "Socket Configuration" in the lower left corner.

5. According to your headset type, select "Headphone" and click OK. Close the window, set it up, and you can start listening to songs.

The above is the detailed content of why the computer is plugged into the headset and the computer is plugged into the headset or the solution is external. For more information about the computer plugging in the headset and no response, please pay attention to other related articles on developpaer!