Why is it so troublesome to support EOS payment?


It’s cool that the website allows users to pay for EOS because EOS is so awesome and the founder is so powerful and feels more than bitcoin

So programmers are confident to find the API of EOS. A history interface is found that can be used to query the history of any account.
It’s perfect. DM is reliable. So the programmer began to write code to debug, but he encountered a problem. 21 EOS master nodes that made a lot of money every day did not have one that allowed to query the history. He searched and found that this interface has been abandoned, because this interface is particularly resource consuming, so no primary network node is willing to provide this service for free.
So he continued to work hard to search for the free server, found some free servers and provided queries, only debugging for half a day, his IP has been blocked, he had to apply for a key to continue to use. Although he can continue to use some open source, he knows that sooner or later this interface will be completely abandoned.

Of course, he was not convinced. He continued to seek advice from experts. An expert said that at present, if you want to query accounts stably, you have to build a full node by yourself, and then enable the hisotry plug-in to query only some accounts. But the cost of running EOS on all nodes is not 10 dollars a month. The EOS received is not enough to pay for the server.

Another expert said that he could scan all blocks of EOS and analyze the transactions belonging to him, so as to confirm the entry and exit. This idea sounds good, but will all node servers block developers’ server IP due to frequent calls?

It’s said to contribute to human civilization. How can programmers work so hard to check accounts? Also said that to kill Alipay, the result is to drive the programmers away.

Even if the EOS is finished, if you want to support other currencies, do you have to follow suit? That’s a huge amount of work.

Do you have to use the solutions of the existing commercial companies? They don’t even have a price for their introduction page, so it’s estimated that ordinary individuals can’t afford it.

There’s light, Cedric said. So there’s the mixin network.

With the help of mixin network, the programmer can confirm the EOS payment without building the EOS full node. Programmers only need to create a mixin network wallet for each customer free of charge. When users need to recharge, they can directly show users the EOS recharge address of the wallet. Users can recharge with any kind of EOS wallet, including exchange withdrawal. If you are paying for an order, you can even create a mixin nework wallet for each order. Developers can check the wallet to confirm a customer’s entry or order payment.

Do you need to build a mixin network full node to query fund posting on mixin network?

Of course not. Mixin’s web browser provides a free query interface. Developers can scan the browser to know whether there is money to post, and directly save it in the local database.

Will creating a wallet cost resources?

Each mixin wallet file only needs 1.5k bytes after being Base64 encoded. Each cash flow requires less than 1000 bytes of storage space. A cup of star dad can store a lot of data.

In a word, it’s a super cost-effective thing to use mixin network to check whether EOS account is recorded. Save money to pay father Ma’s money, and buy some game skins from another father ma.

One more thing?

Another benefit of using mixin network is that you can directly provide the collection of all assets supported by mixin network. For example, it can directly support wave field main network token and trc10 token recharge, but it does not need wave field API.
It feels like buy one to send ten, Mixin Network is simply digital currency payment for Alipay and PayPal.

However, I have received a large number of various currencies, and it’s very difficult to go to the market to buy and sell them. Can I program them into a currency?

That’s true.
There are two exchanges on mixin network that do not need to register an account.
One is the exincore exchange. Call flash service. Just program to pay for the digital currency in the past, and transfer the usdt to you directly at the market price, and it will be finished in 2 seconds.
The other is a magic decentralized exchange ocean, which allows you to buy and sell any currency supported by mixin network. Let alone the 13 main chains already supported. You can put any erc20 token, or EOS token, or trc10 token in this market. It is also the direct programming to pay for the digital currency in the past. The exchange will call you the currency after matching the order.

Even the famous community coin bragging money. I bought 9990 CNBS for 1 usdt.
Why is it so troublesome to support EOS payment?

This is called programmable currency.

But wait, I heard that to develop blockchain applications, you need to learn a new language: solidty, or C + +, which language is needed to use mixin network?

Mixin network now has 7 programming languages SDK: Java, C, PHP, node.js, python, go, ruby. There must be one for you,
In addition to the SDK, mixin network also has a hands-on tutorial covering six programming languages to teach you how to create wallets, query transactions, and buy and sell digital currencies.

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Old iron, old fellow?