Why does the technical team insist on carrying out technology sharing meetings and implementation


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About continuous development of the teamTechnology sharing meetingIn this matter, I personally believe that no matter the size of the team and the intensity of work. One thing we should stick to. There are many benefits from continuing to carry out technology sharing meetings. I think we can finally extract several keywords through the technology sharing meetingtechnologysharegrow upardently love, these keywords alone are enough to hold four theme sharing meetings.

The purpose of the technology sharing meeting is not to take the form, but to improve the quality through the continuous technology sharing meetingpersonalandteamMutual growth of

What can technology sharing bring us?

Personal perspective

1. Improve technical capability

As a programmer, I often call myself a “craftsman”, who wanders the Jianghu by writing code. In fact, if we want to be an excellent craftsman, we must make continuous progress and improve our personal business ability. Technology sharing can effectively improve technical ability. It is similar to the famous Feynman learning method.

2. Improve writing ability

Usually, when we describe a technical point in words or ask questions to others, some students can describe it clearly in a very accurate and concise paragraph, while some students are hesitant or barrabarrabarra says a lot of nonsense, but there is little key information. The reasons for these problems usually lie in our lack of ability to organize words and our lack of understanding of the objects described. Technology sharing requires us to prepare manuscripts in advance. In this process, we can refine our language organization and improve our writing ability.

3. Improve summary ability

The sharing meeting is to share the results after a summary. This result is hard won and often requires us to practice and explore for a period of time. In the process of exploration and practice, it also improves personal ability.

4. Improve public expression ability

Don’t underestimate public expression, which is a difficult problem for some students. Can many people express their concerns in an orderly way? There are no shortcuts, only try again and again.

5. Improve communication skills

In the process of continuous growth of our programmers, with the accumulation of experience, we will gradually move to the management post or the core members of the team. At that time, more responsibilities will be required. Communication ability is one of our powerful weapons. Benign communication can solve most problems.

6. Enhance self-confidence

shut oneself up in a room making a cart? nonono! If you have goods, share them boldly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong. It’s a big deal to do it again. Confidence comes from trust and recognition, and confidence comes from the courage to express

Team perspective

1. Improve the technical atmosphere of the team

It can create a good technical atmosphere, learn from each other, share with each other, make common progress, tolerate each other and understand each other

2. Improve team combat effectiveness

If everyone in the team gains growth, the team will naturally become stronger

3. Improve the tacit understanding of the team

Teamwork is different from freelancers. When multiple people work together to develop, we need to cooperate with each other. Whether the cooperation is efficient or not tests whether the teammates have enough tacit understanding and trust, and whether our thoughts reach a consensus

4. Improve team technical precipitation

Every sharing is an accumulation of experience. Stick to it and persevere. We are a team with content and details

Some problems encountered by organizations in the past

The sharing meeting is actually a communication between people, emphasizing tolerance and understanding. There will inevitably be some unexpected problems. In the face of these problems, we can solve them by perfecting the rules or adjusting our mentality. More often, we may need a little faith to stick to it.

  • The work is busy and there is no time to share(it can be adjusted according to the actual work content)
  • Inadequate preparation and poor content quality(come on, be prepared next time)
  • The individual is not confident, thinks the level is not enough, and is unwilling to share(come on, step by step, take your time)
  • I don’t dare to be interested in sharing or don’t recognize it. I just want to tap the code quietly(if you have the courage to try, it’s not another village with a bright future)
  • If you don’t stick to it, the sharing meeting can’t be carried out(come on, there’s nothing difficult in the world. I’m afraid of those who have a heart)
  • Without content sharing, the sharing will not continue(continuous learning and continuous progress)
  • Take sharing as a form of work, water content, and gradually let it go(embrace technology, love sharing, benefit others and yourself)

Implementation scheme of technology sharing meeting

Content of the sharing meeting:

  • [daily sharing]The content is not limited to technology, but can be news hotspots, work experiences, life insights, life anecdotes and so on
  • [theme content sharing]If the team wants to understand a certain technology, we can set a theme sharing column and share around this theme for a period of time
  • [knowledge whoring]This is a very interesting concept. When I want to know something but I don’t have so much energy, I can entrust the next sharer to study it and share it at the next meeting. Of course, it’s not really white whoring. Others can also entrust me
  • [brainstorming]The sharer can initiate a discussion on the premise that the sharer needs to analyze the discussion object. Then they will express their views at the meeting and everyone will have a discussion. The participant is responsible for recording the results of the discussion and keeping them on file
  • [observe the achievements of others]Sharers can share non original content, an interesting video, a high-quality article, or take us to read a good book, and so on

Form of sharing meeting:

  • It can be shared by single person or team
  • Once a week, once controlled at about 1 hour. It is planned to be 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. on Friday
  • Team members take turns to share every week. If they cannot share in the current week under special circumstances, they shall explain in advance and adjust flexibly
  • You need to prepare to share manuscripts, which can be PPT, an article or a manuscript according to your personal habits. The premise is to create a pleasant sharing experience
  • If there is code demonstration, make relevant preparations in advance. Try not to roll over again
  • Every time a manuscript is shared, it needs to be put into the team knowledge base so that colleagues can read it again. Over time, this has also formed a team technology culture

Encourage sharing

Encourage sharing and love sharing. Provide corresponding rewards to excellent sharers to form a positive cycle. Reward mechanism (depending on the actual situation of the team)

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My understanding of technology sharing:

Technology itself is boring, and sharing is lively and interesting. Programmers rely on technology. Learning to share can make us an interesting and influential programmer. There are many interesting technology giants. They are often top-notch and never stingy to share their technology. It has a positive impact on many programmers all the time.

Technology is not just dry code. We will experience all kinds of setbacks or hardships on the career growth path of technicians. But these are not enough to defeat us. What precipitates down is valuable experience, experience or life sentiment. Isn’t this a technology worth sharing?

Share some interesting programmers:

  • Anthony Fu: from Vue users to Vue, vite and nuxt core team members, talk about a handsome boy who can’t get around open source in the community
  • Great sage: from the warehouse sorter to the front-end boss, he is now a freelancer, and his resume is very inspirational. HisFunnyCoderColumn, interviewed many interesting programmers, highly recommended
  • Fish skin: new era volume king, full stack engineer, high-quality up master in the knowledge field of station B. PS: he recently set up a website and was attacked every day
  • Ao Bing: another volume king, with his unique opinions on the interview, the series of works quickly became the head number. Sharing content can resonate with many people
  • Technical fat: a technical leader who is keen to share work experience and life perception. PS: why haven’t you lost weight yet
  • Po Ge: focus on the whole stack and share technical dry goods such as ts, Vue 3 and front-end architecture. Sharing content is hard core

There are many interesting and influential programmers who can find something worth learning. Keep up with them and encourage them

The final effect of technology sharing will vary from person to person and from team to team. I hope everyone can stick to it. May you move forward and have light in your eyes


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Why does the technical team insist on carrying out technology sharing meetings and implementation