Why can restart solve 90% of the problems


1. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition
2. With the development of the times and the needs of work, most families will buy computers. However, with the passage of time, the computers will gradually become uncomfortable. It is realized that the mouse suddenly does not respond, the keyboard does not respond, the black screen crashes, and the blue screen is even more common. But at this time, you just need to restart and everything is fine.
3. I’m sure you’ve met the following pictures. Do you know why the humble restart operation can “bring your device back to life”?
Why can restart solve 90% of the problems
4. The reason: the system can’t cure itself

1. For the corresponding computer, if some programs encounter fatal errors, defects or bugs, it is likely that the system will fail to handle such errors and crash. The common phenomenon is blue screen \ crash.
2. Generally speaking, the system wants to find this string of data, but there is no result. Finally, it gives up the treatment and shows it to you directly on the blue screen.
3. For example: just like you are in the exam, when you encounter a problem that you can’t do, and you still can’t think of it when you think of losing all your hair, and finally write it casually, the result is still wrong.
4. At this time, restart will make the system code run again from the beginning, and the data that has not been correctly read will be “probability” to be re read, so as to restore the system to normal.

5. The sharing of this issue ends here. I hope it will help you. Let’s work together to reach the peak.