Which pits should be paid attention to when buying Apple equipment


Tomorrow (June 14) at 1:00 a.m., Apple will hold the WWDC summer product launch, if there is a new Mac series, it is the best time to buy. Even if there is no update, I believe it will be updated at the autumn press conference in September and October. I suggest that you should not rush to start at this time.

Since 2008, I have used a lot of Apple devices, including iPod shuffle, iPod touch, macbook pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad, ipad Mini, MacBook Air, macbook, apple watch, which can be regarded as a standard fruit powder. In this article, I will tell you how to choose and buy Apple devices correctly.

1、 When to buy

Famous fruit powder website MacRumors.com Combined with the update cycle of Apple products and various media news, this paper gives suggestions on the purchase time. “Don’t buy” suggestions will be given if new products will be released soon. On the other hand, if the product is not released for a long time, the “buy now” proposal will be given.

So check the purchase guide before you decide to buy an apple device to avoid buying an older model that is about to expire.

In addition, some types of Apple products will be given a certain discount on the apple discount day in January every year. At the same time, in the opening season of August and September every year, there will be preferential activities for students.

2、 Where to buy

Apple can place an order directly on its official website, which can avoid buying parallel products or refurbished machines. However, if there is a Hong Kong version of the purchase channel,It is highly recommended to purchase the Hong Kong version

First of all, as a duty-free port, Hong Kong’s Apple products are among the cheapest in the world.Take the iPhone 6S 64g as an example, the price of Apple’s official website in Hong Kong is 6388 Hong Kong dollars (the current exchange rate of Hong Kong dollar to RMB is 0.845, about 5400 yuan), while the price of China’s official website is 6088 yuan (including 891 yuan of value-added tax), and the price difference between the two is 688 yuan.

Secondly, from compatibility perspective, Hongkong is China after all, and the apple equipment in Hong Kong can normally be used in mainland China.It includes input voltage, network mode, time zone and language setting. On the contrary, overseas versions of iPhone, such as the United States, Europe and Japan, either do not support all Netcom 4G in network format, or they are locked versions to be cracked bound by operators. Purchasing these models of devices will bring a lot of inconvenience and security risks. Similarly, the keyboard of the overseas version of the MAC may not be the standard American keyboard layout, which is maddening to use for minutes.

Finally, the Hong Kong version of Apple devices can also enjoy a one-year warranty in mainland China.

3、 Suggestions for iPhone and iPad purchase

To conclude, iPhone recommends 6 or 6S, iPad recommends Mini 2 or iPad pro.

1. Choose by screen size

As a high-frequency handheld device, mobile phone is usually operated by a single handset, so it pays great attention to the influence of size on hand feel. IPad use frequency is relatively low, usually for outing and children, without considering the size factor.

For the average user, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 / 6S has a better feel and convenient operation.

Because in the iPhone interface specification, the app’s “back” button is always fixed in the upper left corner of the screen, which makes it difficult for right-handed users to click this button through one hand operation. Although you can press the home key twice to trigger the “one handed operation mode”, the experience of having to click twice more each time in order to “return” is very bad. In contrast, it is more practical to use the interactive pop gesturerecognizer at the edge of the screen, but some apps may not support the gesture according to the design specifications.

If not limited to Apple mobile phones, I think 5.0 or 5.2-inch phones are more suitable for male users.This is because 4.7 feels like (.) (.), 5.2 looks like (.) (.), although 5.5 is larger (o) (o), it can’t hold

For users who like to use all kinds of new and strange mobile phone cases and are used to holding the mobile phone with both hands, it is recommended to buy a mobile phone with the size of 5.5 or above. The larger the screen, the better the experience.

2. 3D touch and apple pencil

3D touch is a new feature of iPhone 6S. It integrates the common operation and function entry of app into 3D touch gesture (i.e., press hard), which can be compared with “right mouse button” of mobile device.

The 3D Touch of iPhone starts very fast, and it can greatly improve the convenience of operation in such scenarios as fast payment and scan code. It is very suitable for the heavy users of Alipay and WeChat.

As a supplementary note, some Android devices currently support similar 3D touch functions. However, from my actual experience, not only most of the applications are not supported, but also the startup speed is extremely slow (it should be a problem of the system architecture), which can’t be compared with apple mobile phones.

It is said that the iPad Pro currently does not support 3D touch, but with the help of Apple pencil’s high-sensitivity pressure sensor, the iPad Pro can recognize different forces of pressing, thus simulating a realistic painting stroke experience. If you are a painting user and want to buy an iPad, consider buying an iPad pro.

3. Fingerprint identification

Considering the convenience and security requirements of high-frequency operation of mobile phones, fingerprint identification should be regarded as a standard function of mobile phones. It is not recommended to buy mobile phones without fingerprint identification.

But it doesn’t make sense to have a tablet like the iPad with fingerprint recognition, because it doesn’t have fingerprint recognition scenarios like mobile payments. And because the tablet is used in a low frequency, it is even possible to consider not adding a digital unlock password, so fingerprint unlocking is not needed naturally. Therefore, for iPad, if you are not ready to purchase iPad pro, it is recommended to purchase ipad Mini 2 directly instead of ipad Mini 4 with fingerprint identification.

In addition to the above three factors, mobile phones and tablet devices should generally choose metal fuselage and thinner equipment as far as possible, which can greatly improve the overall texture and aesthetic feeling of the equipment.In the capacity selection, pay attention not to buy 16g, once you need the camera function, you will find it is not enough.

4、 MacBook and iMac

In “why every programmer should have a Mac”, it is said that MAC is the best personal computer. For programmers and designers, owning a Mac is a shortcut to excellence.

The integrated metal body and elegant appearance of the Mac computer are closest to the beautiful prototype. Most computer props in film and television works like to use MacBook or IMAC. If Plato is reincarnated, I believe it will be a firm fruit powder.

In terms of purchasing MAC computers, it is recommended to purchase 13 inch MacBook Pro with retina 256gb and 27 inch IMAC retina 5K.

1. Retina or non retina

There’s no doubt about retina. Retina screen has a great experience of browsing text and pictures, which is one of the significant differences between MAC and windows for many years. Those who have used the retina screen never go back.

Most Macs today are equipped with retina screens. Models that do not use retina screens include macbooks before 2015, macbook pro before mid-2012, iMacs with non-4k / 5K screens, and full range MacBook Air.

2. 13 or 15 inches? 21.5 or 27 inches?

As a notebook computer, macbook pro should give priority to its portability, so choose a small size of 13 inches; IMAC as a fixed office desktop, the larger the screen, the larger the operating area, and 27 inches is just the maximum size that people can cover.

If you don’t plan to buy iMac, you can consider connecting an external monitor to MBP (MacBook Pro). In Tencent, you use the Dell IPS screen that can rotate freely, which is worth starting with.

But it’s important to note that,Generally, only 4K / 5K external display has retina display effect.I’ve tried the Dell p2715q 27 inch 4K screen. There is no need to configure retina, which directly supports the Mac. It’s a pity that the display effect is not good. There’s a sense of zooming in from 1280 * 800 resolution to 1024 * 768 resolution.

In order to achieve the effect of 27 inch IMAC 5K, you need to buy the Dell up2715k, which costs up to 15000 yuan. It’s better to buy an iMac directly.

3. How about the 12 inch MacBook experience

The 12 inch MacBook is just the size of a piece of A4 paper, weighs less than a kilogram, and has the same convenience as the iPad.

Thanks to the fanless design of Intel’s new generation CPU core m, the MacBook can keep a man’s quiet and lasting. If you, like me, are superficial people who only pay attention to appearance, and do not need to use high power consumption in work (such as editing Photoshop files larger than 2G, developing complex IOS applications), you can consider purchasing.

But on the whole, the MacBook is not cost-effective.In addition to low-power CPU, its usb-c interface also has many problems.

On the one hand, you need to buy an expensive usb-c to HDMI adapter to connect an external HDMI cable and USB flash drive.

On the other hand, the MacBook external display experience is terrible. If it is connected to the Dell p2715q 4K screen mentioned above, it can render retina’s high-definition screen effect,However, the screen refresh rate is only 30Hz, which is not normal 60Hz. When moving the mouse and watching the webpage animation, there will be obvious frame loss.At the same time, due to the lack of usb-c and thunderbolt conversion accessories, it can not be likeThe MacBook Pro shares the display with IMAC directly through the thunderbolt interface.

Finally, when you buy a Mac computer, you need to pay attention to: be sure to choose a model with 256gb or more hard disk space, and 128GB hard disk will not be enough;There is also a special education purchase channel for MAC computers, which can enjoy a 15% discountYou can ask students or teachers for help.

5、 Apple watch and accessories

The apple watch is probably the most chicken eared product I’ve ever used。 As far as I know, there are several scenarios for the use of Apple watch, and I only have the first one for my main use now:

  • Watch function, with time;

  • Message reminder, can instantly synchronize the message reminder on iPhone, save the steps of pulling out the phone, waking up the screen and viewing the reminder. In fact, most of the reminders don’t need to be viewed, or they don’t need to be viewed immediately, and apple watch doesn’t have an easy-to-use stock price reminder app;

  • The motion meter can directly synchronize the motion data to the iPhone. Just tie the watch to the dog’s leg and let it go for a day, and easily brush it to the top of the wechat sports list;

  • Standing reminder, can regularly remind you to stand up and walk under, do not sit for a long time, play to prevent the effect of vertebral disease and prostate health care;

  • Siri service, limited by the domestic network environment, you will find it as difficult to use Siri on your watch as it is on your iPhone;

  • Sneak shot function, because the apple watch can evoke the camera on the iPhone, so you can aim the iPhone at the object you want to shoot in advance, adjust a proper angle, and then pretend to watch the time on the watch I just heard about this function. I haven’t used it, really.

In terms of style, try to choose stainless steel dial, texture is much better than sports.If you only want to buy sports, buy a white dial (because the black dial doesn’t match the strap well), and then add a Hermes watch band of 5600 yuan, perfect!

Finally, about the purchase of Apple accessories, I have many purchase and return experience. The following are summarized:

  1. IPhone doesn’t need a cover, iPad needs a cover, you can buy it on Taobao, there are many styles;

  2. Purchase power supply, adapter cable, mouse, keyboard and other accessories in Apple’s official store as far as possible, to ensure the quality and quality, as well as the consistency of experience. In particular, the quality of Apple watch strap on Jingdong is very poor;

  3. Mac computer must not be on the protective shell, too low, also absolutely do not stick keyboard film, or too low;

  4. Only a backpack of more than 2000 yuan can set off the makings of MacBook. Remember!

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