Which of win11 and win10 is smooth? Comparison of performance fluency between win11 and win10 systems


With the gradual stability of windows11 system, more and more partners are thinking about which system is more smooth compared with windows10 system, and which system is more suitable for installation. Let’s take a look at the comparison between win10 and win11!

Comparison of performance fluency between win11 and win10 systems

1、GeekBench 5

Compared with win10, win11 has 5.8% advantage in multithreading and 2% advantage in single thread. The performance of win11 is better than win10, but the improvement range is not particularly high. The performance of later versions should be better.

2. Browser score

The test also shows that the performance of win11 is better. Using the same chrome 91, win11 has a 10% performance advantage over win10.

3. Render

In cinebench R23, win11 shows an advantage of about 8.2% in single threaded testing. This test result is obtained through three different tests, and the core i5-l16g7 processor shows stronger performance in Win 11.

4. 3dmark test

There is no significant performance difference in this test, which is understandable. 3dmark relies heavily on the driver, and the new system and new hardware have not yet had a perfect driver matching.

The above is all about the performance fluency comparison between win11 and win10 systems. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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