Which is the best learning software for children’s graphic programming? Recommended eight useful learning software for programming


Which is the best learning software for children’s graphic programming?Programming learning has been started from children. In this article, we recommend several easy-to-use children’s programming learning software. You can read this article for reference if you need. The article contains the software download link.

Walnut programming

Software name:
Free installation version of walnut programming client v1.3.13.0
Software size:

Walnut programming client is a practical programming software for children. The software is built-in with easy and simple learning methods, coupled with unique children’s graphic and text teaching, which brings your children vivid and vivid courses, so that children can better exercise their logical thinking ability. It can be said that it is the best choice for teenagers to learn programming, and interested friends should not miss it.

Feature introduction

After learning the zero foundation introductory course, we have a series of courses, which are originated from the curriculum system of MIT, to help children from the introduction of programming to AI intelligence, through to the informatics competition.

Children start from graphical programming, writing code is like building blocks, which helps children quickly access to programming ideas and learn code language with interest and confidence (pyhton, C + +).

Professor Wang Yuhang once won the RoboCup robot world championship.

You can learn with a computer at home, have classes every night, and have classes all day on Saturday and Sunday. The way of classes is flexible and convenient, and the time is used efficiently.

The exclusive teacher in charge of the class keeps track of the children’s class, accompanies learning, and the assistant teacher answers questions online in real time, ensuring the learning effect.

Programming cat

Software name:
Programming CAT software (children programming learning software) v1.6.9 official installation version
Software size:

Programming CAT software is an excellent learning software for children’s programming. It adopts visual modules, vivid teaching videos and other learning and cognitive methods suitable for children, so that children can improve their interest in programming, develop their thinking, cultivate their logical ability, creativity and practical ability while learning programming knowledge. It is very suitable for children aged 7 to 15 who want to learn programming knowledge Child use.

Course introduction

1. Graphical programming tools for Chinese children: use blocks to realize programs that originally need complex codes, and are suitable for 7-15-year-old children to learn

2. Minecraft creative course content: relying on children’s nature of play and creation, use my world to guide them to play and create while learning to directly modify my world source code.

3. PBL project driven learning mode: knowledge comes from solving problems. Students need to program and design all kinds of buildings by themselves, so they need to learn the relevant mathematical knowledge first, then learn the programming knowledge to be used: cycle, judgment, recursion, chain list, then use the programming command to make the buildings automatically, and finally complete the design.

4. Interdisciplinary application: children not only learn programming, but also need to use writing, art and painting, mathematics, logic, laws of physics and other disciplines comprehensively

5. Online courses: only one computer and network are needed, and children can carry out courses at home according to their own time

6. Cooperative team system: teaching and setting up multiple tasks need to be completed in cooperation to cultivate children’s leadership and cooperation ability

7. Curriculum system based on cognitive age: the complexity of curriculum is stratified to adapt to the characteristics of multi-age learning

Small code Wizard

Software name:
Small wizard (children’s programming learning platform) v1.8.4 free installation version
Software size:

Small code wizard is a tool for children’s programming. It can help children improve their logical thinking ability and exercise their mind in the process of learning programming. In addition, the software brings rich game based courses to break the boring.

software function

1. The sprite provides full screen mode, which can test your game in a larger interface

2. It can make simple games and develop stand-alone games

3. Provide material management function, and add your own design materials in the software

4. Support game editing and logical control of game action and game operation

5. You can also manage the materials. The materials you need to design the game can be managed in the software

6. Provide rich material management methods. Game characters and props can be managed in the software

7. Local adding is supported, and props designed by oneself can be added to the software

8. Support programming, display operation interface, and put your edited content into software test

9. Provide background management to add materials to different backgrounds of the game

10. Support new projects, and reset all content you edit

Turtle editor

Software name:
Turtle editor (programming cat Python Programming Language) V1.3.1 Chinese installation version
Software size:

Turtle editor is a python editor for children developed by Shenzhen Dianmao Technology Co., Ltd. It has powerful extension function and supports hardware programming. You can install a third-party library with one click. If your child is learning python, you can try turtle editor.

Main characteristics

1. Install the third-party library with one click.

2. Powerful expansion function.

3. Support hardware programming.

4. Building blocks, learning python, building blocks / code one click conversion, making learning easier.

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