Whether it’s a triplet or an app! It’s too difficult to expect “pull new”. It still depends on old users!


On the eve of the June 1 children’s day, the three child birth policy was officially promulgated, aiming at the problem of low fertility in China. Experts aimed at “re purchasing and promoting life”. Internet brick movers understand that the major tasks of APP operation are nothing more than: innovation, retention, promotion, transformation, dissemination and re purchase. It is always easier to activate old users than to pull new users.

For mobile developers, message push is an important tool and way to activate and retain users, but it also faces many inefficient difficulties:

I don’t know which push task is more efficient: is the male user delivery rate higher? Is the message click through rate of young users higher? Do users prefer the serious and concise content of a, or is it easier to resonate with the joking and off wind content of B? How can we quickly compare the effects of different push tasks and grasp the overall situation at a glance?

I don’t know which push channel is more efficient: 60% of your users are at the Android end, and only the manufacturer channel is integrated. Do you still need to integrate the online channel? You are intensively developing the message push of a new application. Which channel has a higher delivery rate than the channels of major manufacturers? Should you integrate the online channel or the manufacturer push channel first? How to segment and directly compare the channel push efficiency between online and multiple Android manufacturers and optimize the channel strategy?

Users pulled by high cost can’t reach by uninstalling the application or closing the notification permission: is there any other reasonable way to reach users? If you want to recall users who uninstall the app with coupons, who are they and where are they? How do you know the customer group portrait of the uninstalled application to prepare for recall and touch again?

  1. I’m the little sister of operation. Every time I want to push the equipment number or alias users in batches, I have to ask the little brother of technology to develop the program API transmission file push. Push it for a few hours at a time. Is there a one click push and one touch method? How to transfer and touch batch data with one key?

How to solve the above pain points and how to push (produce) and send (send) all (three) users (children)!

Youmeng + message push tool u-push new iteration in May
Six function upgrades, fast, accurate, stable and ruthless play with message push. U-push, push efficiency gas station.

Upgrade point 1: push conversion effect is clear at a glance

Visually display the conversion effect from effective equipment to message click, directly compare the push effects of different tasks, styles, contents and customer groups, and optimize the push strategy

Whether it's a triplet or an app! It's too difficult to expect

Upgrade point 2: subdivide online and vendor channel push effects

Push effect data can distinguish between online and manufacturer channels. From sending to delivery, click like the back of your hand to directly show the reasons for manufacturer push failure, and the channel strategy adjustment is reasonable

Whether it's a triplet or an app! It's too difficult to expect

Upgrade point 3: add uninstall and close notification permission data

Provide 7 / 30 / 90 day statistical trend, support details of sub channels, versions, systems and models, and guide users’ recall and re touch strategies

Whether it's a triplet or an app! It's too difficult to expect
Whether it's a triplet or an app! It's too difficult to expect

Upgrade point 4: support more flexible batch push mode

The new system supports uploading and pushing by equipment number and alias file, and users are grouped to create and reuse at one time. The little sister / brother of the operator can also push in batch with one click!

Whether it's a triplet or an app! It's too difficult to expect

In addition, the “first 2 hours” minute push effect data display and quick test before push are added to escort each push.

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Whether it's a triplet or an app! It's too difficult to expect