Where is the win11 wallpaper stored


After updating the win11 system, many users feel that the wallpaper of win11 is too monotonous and want to replace it with a good-looking wallpaper. But where is the path and folder of win11 wallpaper? Now let’s look for the storage location of win11 wallpaper.

Which folder is win11 wallpaper in

1、 System wallpaper

1. Enter my computer and find the path “C: \ windows \ web \ wallpaper”.

2. Enter the windows folder and you can see some wallpapers of the system.

2、 User wallpaper

1. The wallpaper manually installed by the user will be saved in “C: \ users \ XX (current user name) \ appdata \ local \ Microsoft \ windows \ themes”

2. Turn on my computer and copy the path above to find these wallpapers.

The above is all the contents of win11 wallpaper storage location. I hope it will be helpful to you!