Where is the MAC QQ screenshot saved? Apple Mac QQ screenshot file path setting skills diagram


Because the screenshot of MAC system is not convenient, many children’s shoes use QQ Mac version of screenshot (shortcut key command + control + a), where is the qqmac version of screenshot saved? Can I set the save path just like the Windows version? Of course, it can be decided. Mac QQ screenshot saves the location you need, you can set the path in preferences.

First of all, open a chat window casually, and let the navigation bar in the upper left corner of the Mac OS system display various QQ function interfaces.

Second, as shown in the figure below, click “QQ” to enter the “preferences” menu, as shown in the figure below

Step 3: as shown in the figure below, there is a screen capture setting in the “general” interface of QQ preference setting interface. Click to enter

Step 4: enter the screen capture setting interface, as shown in the figure below, the bottom one – “save to”. You can set any path to save. It’s better to have an independent folder to store your screen capture pictures.

At the same time, you can also set the image saving format of qqmac screen capture, including PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, jpg2000 and tiff. In general, the default is PNG format, and even the screen capture tool of Apple Mac OS system is saved in PNG format. As for your use, it’s best to set it to JPG format. The picture is clear and occupies little space.