Where is the best location for eth short-term intervention? Bargain and long and keep bullish!


Where is the best location for eth short-term intervention? Bargain and long and keep bullish!
1、 Analysis index
1. Fibonacci back survey
Take the lowest price at 15:00 on July 21 as the starting point, and the highest price at 06:00 on July 28 as the high point (Beijing time) for the Fibonacci back test. The 0.382 quantile is 296.83 US dollars, which is consistent with the closing price after the large increase of 01:00 on July 26; the 0.5 quantile is 285.56 US dollars, which is consistent with the resistance level from 04:00 to 23:00 on July 25;
2. Volume distribution (VP)
Call out the VPVR index (fixed range, July 21 – now), 295 to 296 US dollars below 0.382 is also a chip intensive group, which has a supporting role;
3. Vagas channel, ema12 traction
Using the Vagas channel and ema12 as the traction line, at present, 1H has fallen below the upper channel and gradually away from it. There has been no decent correction in this round of rise, and now it is time; the upper part of the 4-hour Vagas channel continues to rise, and the current price is about 294 US dollars, which can coincide with the short-term first support level (Fibonacci back test of 0.382), a perfect buying point!
4. K line shape
Switch to 4h level, received a perfect cross star at 04:00 on July 28, followed by two falling negative lines, short-term peaking shape is worth noting.

2、 The analysis cycle includes
1. 1H (short term) 4H (short term)

3、 Conclusion
1. In the future, it will return to rise again, mainly on bargain hunting
2. The first support in the short term is 297 US dollars. Don’t buy all of Soha and buy in batches
3. The second strong support level below is 285.5 US dollars, still bargain long. Pay attention to stop loss here!

[trading proposal]
Psychological aspect
1. Try to trade when you are in a good mood and in a good state. Never trade when you are out of control
2. Long term profit is the result of winning more and losing less. We should admit and accept the failed transaction and avoid blindly carrying the order
Don’t take part in the rash in the process of trading

1. Trading with small profit loss ratio is light position with small grasp; trading with large profit loss ratio is very sure of heavy position, depending on the situation, use small leverage
2. Stop profit and stop loss should be set for each transaction, even if it can not be determined through analysis, it should be set according to psychological expectation

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Where is the best location for eth short-term intervention? Bargain and long and keep bullish!
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