Where is deepin20 voice Notepad? How to use deepin20 voice Notepad


How to use voice notepad in deepin20? Where is this function? Now let’s introduce the usage of deepin20 voice notepad in detail.

1. Point【starter】。

2. Locate and click open【Voice Notepad】。

3. First runClick New Notepad.

4. There are three columns from left to right【Notepad, text and text content。 The operation is relatively simple,Corresponding to new Notepad, new text and voice input button.

5、【Notepad】And【text】You can right-click to select【rename】To distinguish multiple Notepad or text names.

6. As shown in the figure below, click【sound recording】Button to record the voice.

The above is the use of deepin voice Notepad, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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