Where can I check the IP address of the computer? How to quickly view the computer IP address?


IP address is the network machine identification, many friends want to check their computer’s effective IP address, but do not know how to query their own IP address, the following small series for you to introduce how to quickly check the computer IP address method, let’s have a look!

Method / step

1、Using shortcut keys

Win + R or start → run


2、Input system command

Using network command CMD


3、Input command line

Use the network command ipconfig / all


4、View IP address

See the specific information of the network device


5、Double click the small computer

View network parameters



6、Look at the specific IP address

Network IP address and other network parameters


matters needing attention

If it is a fixed IP, it will not change. If it is a dynamic IP, it may change the last bit next time

IP address can be virtual

The above is how to quickly view the computer IP address method, the operation is relatively simple, not friends can follow the above steps to operate, hope to help you!