When VMware installs RedHat Linux system, what should I do if the CD cannot be mounted?


When using vmware workstation to install RedHat Linux operating system, RedHat Linux will remind us to insert the second or third disc at appropriate time during the installation because there are three image files of the installation program of RedHat Linux. When VMware installs RedHat Linux system, what should I do if the CD cannot be mounted? The following details to see the specific solution!

As shown in the figure below, we can press and hold at the same time Ctrl + Alt Key to move the mouse focus out of the virtual machine, and then click virtual machine > Settings > CD / DVD in the VMware menu bar to replace the ISO image file.

However, most people did not check [connected] in the [device status] panel above, resulting in the replacement of the ISO image file is not effective. Therefore, the RedHat Linux installation program can not detect the replaced CD, which will prompt an error message: the CD cannot be mounted.

From the above description, we already know the cause of the error, and it is not difficult to solve the problem. We just need to re-enter the above setting interface and check [connected].

In addition, if you feel that this operation is troublesome, you can directly click the CD Icon on the status bar under VMware, and then click Connect to achieve the same purpose.

The above is the summary of developeppaer about how to do when VMware installs the RedHat Linux system and the CD cannot be mounted? , if you also encounter such problems, you can refer to it, I hope it will help you! Welcome to continue to pay attention to other information!

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