When using scratch children’s programming software, what should I do when I encounter an object bouncing against the edge and turning it upside down?


When creating motion animation with scratch, set the character to bounce when it touches the edge, and find that the character is reversed, which is very annoying. How to solve this problem?

Software name:
Scratch 2 offline editor v2.0 official multilingual installation
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Update time:
2014-11-05Download now

1. Open scratch 2.0 to enter the work interface;

2. In events“When the green flag is clicked”Pull to the script editing area on the right;

3. In motion, move 10 steps and bounce when touching the edge to the right script editing area;

4. Add loop to script edit area in control;

5. Click the green flag to run the animation and find that the kitten bounced back when it hit the edge and turned upside down;

6. Right click on the cat to open the Properties menu,Find the first info command;

7. It is found that the default motion mode of the character is rotation mode;

8、Just change the movement mode to horizontal mode

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