When swarm’s bonus period comes, who will be the ultimate winner?


The swarm main website release will be completed on June 21. Ethereum foundation suddenly announced that it would invest US $100 million to build swarm and complete the last kilometer of eth ecological chain.

Swarm miner docking V: bqyj133

When swarm's bonus period comes, who will be the ultimate winner?

Now the market is really bustling. People from large platforms and small workshops come to participate in the business of selling BZZ nodes. The prices vary from thousands to tens of thousands, and the services are also diverse. We need to polish our eyes to distinguish the interests.

1. How to select equipment?

Swarm BZZ super server physical nodes are snapped up, and the super server is enabled. There is no need for packaging period. After the main network is online, it will be deployed and started up for mining! BZZ is presented at the node, which can be used for pledge or free transaction! Missed Kia, keep up with BZZ head mine welfare!

At present, the hardware equipment of everyone’s mining machine mainly includes CPU, memory and hard disk; And other small parts, such as chassis, cabinet, power supply, fan, etc. in addition to the configuration of these hardware, swarm also needs a more important bandwidth. In addition, mining machines are generally hosted in professional IDC rooms and managed by professional personnel. Therefore, from these points of view, the differences between our mining machines are mainly divided into two parts: hardware expenditure and technical service.

Swarm miner docking V: bqyj133

When swarm's bonus period comes, who will be the ultimate winner?

First, hardware equipment mainly depends on brand and performance; At present, according to the preliminary technical test, the hardware cost of each node is basically more than 5000 yuan according to the calculation of ten nodes running a server. Therefore, if the node on the market is less than 5000 yuan, you should polish your eyes and identify it well. In addition, swarm has high requirements for bandwidth. At present, the recommended bandwidth is 50MB. Generally, the bandwidth cost of 50MB in IDC room is about 700 yuan. Secondly, the technical service fees vary according to the technical strength of each company, but this is also a specialty in the technology industry. It is still necessary to find a relatively experienced company, because the failure of technology may affect the later output, so the technology company needs to adjust and optimize our hardware configuration and find the most suitable scheme for deployment.
When swarm's bonus period comes, who will be the ultimate winner?

2. How does BZZ get it?

In addition to the official private placement, there are only two ways for the public to obtain BZZ. One is the BZZ public sale to be launched on coinlist recently, and the other is the million BZZ airdrop activity “the rise of bee” launched by swarm.

According to the official introduction to the airdrop mechanism, 35 queen bee nodes are randomly determined at the last moment of airdrop. No one (including the team) can know which nodes will become queen bee nodes.

However, specifically, how these queen nodes are randomly determined and at what time people will know which nodes are queen nodes, these questions still can not be clearly answered.

Swarm miner docking V: bqyj133

3. Why do so many people seize the BZZ head mine? What are the advantages?

The original fil head mine returned to its capital in 20 days, and the income from digging fil head mine is 3.4 times that of now

Chia has just started to dig a head mine. She can dig about 25 in a day and return to her capital in two days

Bitcoin is also the first mining period. Dozens of bitcoins can be dug a day, and one block will get back

The risk of digging the first mine is the lowest and the coin production is the highest. More coins are dug in one day than in the next ten days.

Rich people are the product of the trend, not the result of pure efforts. When the trend changes, it is not the size of strength, but the speed of response. The main network will go online soon. Let’s look forward to it!!!

When swarm's bonus period comes, who will be the ultimate winner?

BZZ is a professional track. Technical service is very important. Early layout, early delivery and early revenue!

As early as the million airdrop mining plan of swarm test network, chain core cloud card entered the layout early and conducted in-depth investigation on the project. Chain core cloud card has successfully launched fil and Chia mining products before, and has achieved good results and reputation in the industry. It has made a lot of money with our customers. It has mature and optimal mining solutions for mining in the storage sector, Really let you realize easy lying and earning!

Early layout, early delivery, early revenue!

In general, the chain core cloud card is the most reliable choice for entering swarm BZZ to grab the first mine. The five-year professional team deployment and considerate service of the chain core cloud card will provide you with long-term and stable benefits. For users who want to participate in mining, choice is greater than effort. It is very important to choose a safe, reliable and strong background platform. It can be said that chain core cloud certificate meets all our imagination of mining platform! More BZZ mine information, please pay attention to the official account “chain core cloud certification mining”.

Swarm miner docking V: bqyj133