When did swarm start digging coins and how to distribute them


Swarm mining FAQs

Q1: what is swarm?

Similar to IPFs / filecoin, swarm is also a distributed data storage system. What it wants to build is a point-to-point storage and service solution with no downtime, zero failure and anti censorship. At the same time, swarm can also be said to be an official part of Ethereum project.

Generally speaking, swarm distributed storage is to provide data storage, bandwidth and other resource support for Ethereum applications.

Q2: what stage is swarm currently in?

At present, it is in the airdrop test stage. On February 15, 2021, swarm announced that it would airdrop 1 million BZZ tokens to the address where the bee node has been running on the test network, in order to reward early users and stress test the network. However, it was not until recently that swarm mining exploded, probably because it was about to go online in the “first half of the year” as mentioned in the plan. Officials called the airdrop “the rise of the queen bee”.

Q3: how does swarm mine at present?

In the airdrop test stage, just 35 “queen bee nodes” (qbzz nodes) will be randomly determined in the network. The checks obtained by interacting with these 35 qbzz nodes (i.e. qbzz checks) are valuable. No one (or even team members) will know what these queen bee nodes are before the end of the test. After the airdrop, the check can be exchanged for BZZ currency through a certain proportion.

Q4: what is our miner?

We currently use the cloud miner scheme. At present, there is no officially confirmed physical machine configuration, so the safest way is to go to the cloud service first, and then go to the physical machine after the official configuration. This is the safest way. Otherwise, it was like fil in 18 years. At that time, all physical machines could not be used and could not issue money. After the configuration is officially announced, we will choose the best scheme to match the physical machine, and then make up the difference according to the price. Coffee aacd314 learn more

When did swarm start digging coins and how to distribute them

Q5: what is the difference between “cloud node” and “physical node”

Cloud node: build the configured swarm on the cloud rented ECs, such as Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud, and directly rent and deploy the swarm cloud node to mine the test network. The advantage of using cloud nodes is that they are convenient and can be expanded at any time, eliminating the problem that the time cycle of physical nodes from ordering server hardware, from supply to assembly, shelf deployment and other columns takes up to half a month. The disadvantage is that there is no real right, only the right to use during the lease period, and it ends when it expires.

Physical node: it refers to the swarm mining machine built by buying the “complete machine server”. This is a server composed of a series of complete machine related accessories such as CPU, memory and hard disk and the corresponding swarm node built by shelves, deployment and operation and maintenance services. However, there is no officially confirmed physical machine configuration at present. There is a risk that the physical machine at this stage cannot continue to produce currency after the main network is online.

Q6: when do you dig checks? How?

At present, it is in the pre mining stage, and a total of 1 million bzzs are officially dropped for testing. However, in the airdrop stage, qbzz checks are dug instead of BZZ coins. After the airdrop, the official will check the number of qbzz checks in the whole network and determine how many nodes have the right to obtain BZZ and the qbzz / BZZ ratio to exchange for 1 million BZZ coins.

The delivery date of the current check is determined according to the signing time of the contract. Because the income of each node is different, it is distributed according to the actual ticket issuance.

Q7: when did you start digging coins? How?

After the main network goes online, it will be officially excavated. The specific rules will be officially released after the main network goes online. The revenue of each mining machine will be the data on the chain, which will be open and transparent. Coffee aacd314 learn more

When did swarm start digging coins and how to distribute them
Q8: why do other companies already have apps and back offices?

At present, all apps on the market are developed by the company itself. The data in them is just a display, and the data is completely controlled by the company; These background data are not official data, because the official data has not been disclosed and is still in the testing stage.

Q9: do you need pledge currency when mining on the main network?

The official information shall prevail. At present, according to the information and information we have, after the main network is online, it is similar to filecoin mining, and BZZ coins need to be pledged for mining.

Q10: is the current mining stage the head mining stage?

At present, it is the swarm head mine stage. According to the current information, after the swarm main network is online, the mining needs to pledge BZZ coins, and the source of BZZ coins for the first time can only be 1 million BZZ coins in the airdrop stage. That is to say, when the main network is online, the number of BZZ coins in the whole network is very small and limited. Therefore, the significance of head mine is obvious.

Q11: how do we check the production ticket?

The data on the chain is open and transparent. You can view the daily ticket production data on the blockchain browser. For friends who buy mining machines and nodes, we will give you the wallet address or contract address. You can view the daily ticket production on the browser.