What’s better about laravel than ThinkPHP? Why do many people “despise” ThinkPHP?


Do you know whether the following views are correct?

1. Laravel ecology is better than ThinkPHP. Many excellent third-party packages match laravel, and the quality of their own expansion packages is also good. The positioning height of the framework is different. Laravel belongs to the ‘medium’ level and ThinkPHP belongs to the lightweight level.

2. Laravel’s own design and best practice concept are very advanced. Such as service container, contract, ORM, etc. According to the specification, the PHP code you write will be elegant and concise. ThinkPHP is now 6.0.6. Compared with thinkphp3 series, it is also excellent, but its design and usage are almost the same as that of laravel. It’s hard to avoid the suspicion of plagiarism!!!

3. Laravel is used all over the world. ThinkPHP is only used at home and rarely used abroad. Dis ThinkPHP is mainly due to the poor design of thinkp3, such as abdc function and does not support composer. Compared with the same period, laravel design already supports composer and the framework design is excellent.

4. ThinkPHP performs better than laravel. But the official small version update always has some details incompatible problems. Laravel is much more stable.

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