What tools do you need to learn Python?


There is no doubt that Python is more and more recognized as a programmer’s new era of tuyere language, Python’s application ability is a necessary item to become a code God.

The first thing I want to tell you is that it is certainly difficult to learn Python systematically from zero basis learning. The professional level of Python itself is not simple. Learning this is a very painful thing. People are not willing to learn it, but there is no way. In order to survive and master a skill, you must learn it. If you take it seriously, you will not find a job with high salary, so learn Python first Will and persistence are very important. The reason why many people give up is the lack of these qualities.

Zero basic learning Python must be clear about the following points:

1. Make sure what kind of work you will do in the future and what skills you need to master. Many people will blindly learn this without even knowing it. First of all, choose a set of Python learning course with professional system. When learning programming, don’t make a lot of mistakes, but learn systematically. The whole course should be explained by a teacher. You should be clear about what talents the company needs and what goals you should strive for. Python has many learning directions, mainly web. Code must be standardized, which itself is a very good habit, if you do not maintain good code planning, it will be very painful in the future.

2. Systematic learning planning, planning your daily learning of new knowledge and daily homework and practice, many people want to self-study python, very important point, must start to write code, must write more projects, practice writing code, to understand that operation is the truth. Or it’s a waste of time. If you don’t care about anything and you can’t keep up with the operation, can you find a job? The boss is not stupid. If you want to find a job by studying Python now, you can’t do it without 4-6 months. Therefore, planning is necessary. Xiaobian suggests at least half a year.

3. Pay attention to learning methods. Learning Python is mainly about learning programming ideas. Many people choose the wrong learning method from the moment they start learning python, so they are doomed to give up and go back to their original posts and continue to do things they don’t like. Learning Python requires certain skills and good learning methods. You should master your own learning methods. As for the skills of learning python, you’d better communicate with experienced people, so that you can avoid detours and apply your knowledge to real situations. This is the ultimate goal.

An indispensable part of Python learning must be a tool, one is an encoder, the other is an interpreter:

The encoder is python. At present, there are two versions of python, one is version 2. X, and the other is version 3. X. these two versions are incompatible, because now Python is evolving towards version 3. X. in the process of evolution, a lot of code for version 2. X needs to be modified before running. Therefore, many third-party libraries are not available on 3. X for the moment.

IDE tools. IDE integrated development environment (IDE) software is an application program for program development environment, which generally includes code editor, compiler, debugger and graphical user interface tool.

Commonly used tools are:

Pychar: pychar is a python ide with a set of tools that can help users improve their efficiency when using Python language development, such as debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code jump, intelligent prompt, automatic completion, unit testing, and version control.

Idle: idle is a fairly basic ide written in pure Python using Tkinter.

Ippython: IPython is an interactive Python shell, much easier to use than the default Python shell.

Python system learning can not avoid these courses: programming basics, basic combat, data analysis, data mining, crawler, machine learning, etc., and the real interview questions of Python in large factories also determine your salary.

Directions to learn Python:

1. First of all, there are not many jobs in Python web, but with the continuous development of Python language, the posts of Python web are also increasing. So choose the direction of the web is very suitable for beginners, because the threshold is relatively low.

2. Then there is the direction of crawler. Because there are many Python crawler libraries, Python is the basic choice for crawlers, and the position of Python crawler is more suitable for beginners.

3. Data analysis, at any time, with the development of the times, people’s economic level is getting better and better, and the consumption level is getting higher and higher, so many talents who can do data analysis are needed, and Python is also selected as the best language for data analysis.

4. Artificial intelligence, but the threshold of artificial intelligence is relatively high, and a large number of algorithms need to be learned. I suggest that you choose to start from the web, and then study the algorithm slowly. If you are interested in artificial intelligence, you can slowly turn to artificial intelligence in the future.

If you want to be the God of coding, optics is not enough. These can only help you find a job. If you want to break through the gap and get a high salary, you have to pay more time to study. You should know that the requirements of each company are different. You have to study hard to meet the production requirements. You should be familiar with applications such as database, Linux, front-end, background, distributed, etc Library at least mysql, Oracle, such as front-end JS, a variety of jQuery front-end framework, server debugging, background framework and so on, these also need to understand, programming field is like the sea, endless learning.

As the saying goes, “if you want to take something, you must give it first”. If you want to get it, how can you do without paying? This is what Xiaobian is going to talk about today. If you are interested in Python and want to learn it, you can add q878 java788.. C + +,, 853 small editor with you to the great God of programming close.