What to do if win10 1909 is stuck during operation? Three solutions to the jam of win10 1909


Win10 updated 1909. Many users have updated their own systems, but some users are stuck when using Windows 10 1909. Let’s have a look

The editor has prepared three solutions according to different situations

Method 1:

It is suitable for opening the screen after sleep. After a period of use, it will be used for about 4 hours for a long time, mainly in the case of mixing mechanical hard disk and SSD.

1. Use the shortcut [win] + [i] to open [settings] to find [system] and click to enter

2. Find [power and sleep] on the left and change the two options on the right to [never]

3. Click [other power settings] below to enter

4. Select [change plan settings] in the open window and click to enter

5. In the pop-up window, click [change advanced power settings] to open it

6. Set [close hard disk after this time] under [hard disk] to [6000], PS: not close basically, according to your preference

7. Expand [sleep], set [allow to use wake-up timer] to [disable], PS: select according to your own situation

8. Press [win] + [R] to pop up [run], enter [gpedit. MSc] and click [OK]

9. In the open local group policy editor, expand computer configuration – management template – System – hard disk NV cache, click open, and click enable on the four unconfigured close on the right. Reset computer

Method two:

It is suitable for switching windows, typing with Microsoft Pinyin and opening the start menu to reduce the stuck situation.

1. Right click [this computer] – click [properties] to open

2. Click [advanced system settings] to enter

3. In the pop-up window, find advanced – settings in performance

4. Remove the three animation effects in the [settings] window. PS: window maximization and minimization animation (zooming in and out, when switching windows), control component animation (when inputting Pinyin), taskbar animation (when opening start menu)

Method three:

It is suitable for [service host: local system (Network Limited)] with very high process disk occupancy

1. Right click this computer to select management, and the system will automatically jump to computer management

2. In computer management, click to open service and application program, and find the service named connected user experiences and telemetry in service

3. Right click the service and click properties

4. Change [start type] to [disable] and stop the service, and then click [OK]

5. After setting up, check the task manager again and you will find that the computer is much smoother than before

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