What to do if Fabs function cannot be used in vs2015?


In vs2015, Fabs function cannot be used, and its main function is to find the absolute value. Under the. Net platform, if there is a corresponding function named ABS in the math namespace, the absolute value can be calculated. What if vs2015 can’t use the fabs function? Please see the details below.

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Visual studio community 2015 (vs2015 Community Edition) official Chinese full version
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1. New project, selectionvisual c#,Select console application on the right.

2. After the project is completed, click on the right sideprogram.csTo edit the file

3. UseSystem.Math.AbsThis function is used to find the absolute value.

4. Operation engineering,The results are consistent with expectations.

5. If it is VC + + program direct referenceMath. H has itFabs functionIt’s too late. Importmath.hThis header file.

The above is the solution that vs2015 can’t use Fabs function. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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