What system process is cpqset.exe? What is the function of cpqset


Process file: cpqset or cpqset.exe
Process name: Hewlett Packard configuration module
Process category: process with security risk

English Description:
Cpqset.exe is a process belonging to the Hewlett Packard Configuration Module, which is bundled with Hewlett Packard laptops. It allows for configuration of multimedia devices. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but shou
Chinese reference:
Cpqset.exe is the HP Hewlett Packard configuration module, which usually appears in HP laptop. This process is used to configure multimedia devices.
Produced by Hewlett Packard
Of: Hewlett Packard configuration module
System process: no
Daemons: Yes
Network related: no
Common error: n / A
Memory usage: n / A
Safety level (0-5): n / A
Spyware: no
Advertising software: no
Virus: No
Trojan horse: No