What structure of PMS is suitable for large and medium-sized hotel groups?


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Recently, there were two major Internet security incidents. One was that the optical fiber of Alipay was cut off on May 27, and the other was that Ctrip went down on May 28. Alipay spent two hours switching traffic to other computer rooms and nodes, while Ctrip users waited for 12 hours. Both are Internet companies. Why are the recovery speeds of the two companies so different? Because this is a comprehensive test and contest of technology, architecture and operation and maintenance. These two events have fully reflected the importance of website technical security architecture, but we don’t pay much attention to it at ordinary times.

In the field of hotel information management, the technical architecture of PMS has also not been highly valued. For chain hotels with hundreds or thousands of stores, the stability and safety of PMS will affect the turnover of millions or tens of millions of people every day, the booking and check-in experience of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people every day, and the loyalty of tens of millions of members. Therefore, large and medium-sized chain hotels have to attach great importance to the technology, architecture and operation and maintenance of PMS.

At present, many large chain hotels have developed their own systems, such as Botao, Yibai, Vienna, city 118, Fuyi fashion and convenient city. Each family has a development team of dozens of people, hundreds of servers and spends more money. Not to mention, the IT department is busier and more tired than using third-party software, and it is not recognized in many aspects. There are specialties in the technology industry. After all, hotels are not engaged in Internet and it, resulting in incomplete consideration of pattern, architecture and openness, and dissatisfaction with security and stability.

The author has been engaged in the development, management and architecture of large-scale high concurrency and high availability system architectures such as banks and telecommunications, as well as Internet SaaS, middleware and other systems for 15 years. In particular, he has the experience of successfully developing, deploying, operating and maintaining the cloud pmssaas + PAAS platform used by more than 10000 hotel users. Now he is throwing bricks to attract jade and sharing experience, hoping to help colleagues in the hotel industry.

Then, what should be the structure and characteristics of PMS selected by large and medium-sized groups?

1、 For flexible and open architecture, SaaS + PAAS is preferred and must be based on SaaS + PAAS architecture.

SaaS is the abbreviation of software-as-a-service. With the development of Internet technology and the maturity of application software, SaaS is a completely innovative software application model rising in the 21st century. It has similar meanings to “on-demand software”, the application service provider (ASP) and hosted software. It is a mode of providing software through the Internet. Manufacturers uniformly deploy application software on their own servers. Customers can order the required application software services from manufacturers through the Internet according to their actual needs, pay fees to manufacturers according to the number and duration of ordered services, and obtain the services provided by manufacturers through the Internet. Instead of purchasing software, users rent web-based software from providers to manage business activities without maintaining the software. Service providers will have full power to manage and maintain the software.

ASP mode is a popular mode before SaaS. It is equivalent to that manufacturers buy servers, develop applications, and deploy a set of applications to a hotel brand alone. It seems that ASP is also based on the Internet, but it may be a web system for small chain hotels or single hotels. In fact, the commercial technical requirements of the factory are low, and the considerations of security, high availability and scalability are far worse than SaaS.

For the real saaspms, supporting 100 stores is a barrier, supporting 100 chain brands is another barrier, and supporting 10000 stores is a higher barrier.

PAAS makes the saaspms system flexible and pluggable, and can easily access other systems, such as HR, CRM, OA and other systems, so that the hotel’s front desk, sales, finance and store manager can enjoy the functions and services of HR, OA and other systems without upgrading and one account password in the PMS system. A set of SaaS supports PAAS, which can save SaaS manufacturers a lot of trouble of customization and hand over independent modules to better manufacturers; For Hotels with development strength, they can define and expand their functions; For third-party system developers, such as HR and OA developers, you can call the API interface of SaaS manufacturers to develop new integrated applications, such as obtaining sales development member data, calculating salesperson performance, automatically correcting the salary in the HR system, and displaying each salesperson’s performance salary, all salary, tax payment, paid function, etc. on a page of PMS.

2、 Must be able to ensure high security.

No matter how many functions and good user experience, for PMS, security is the foundation. The leakage of guest data is a big thing. Not only the guest complains, but also the brand is damaged. Like the data leakage of a listed chain hotel several times ago, it is a major disaster for hotels and guests. For listed chain hotels, the stock will fall for several consecutive days, and it is possible for the market value to fall by hundreds of millions. It can be seen how important security is.

Data centralization. If each store has a database or system, it is extremely unsafe. The hotel’s business data and member data may be illegally obtained by hackers or competitors in the store; Hierarchical authorization should be set. All members cannot be found or exported on the operation interface, and the points and stored values of guests cannot be used at will.

Choose windows for Linux? 80% of the world’s websites use Linux / Unix servers, and almost all of bat, jd.com, telecom and banks use Linux / Unix servers. The security level of Linux / Unix is higher than that of windows / Unix.

Open source software, 70% of the world’s websites use lamp architecture. Lamp architecture refers to Linux + Apache + MySQL / MariaDB + Perl / PHP / python, a group of open source software commonly used to build dynamic websites or servers. They are all independent programs, but because they are often used together, they have higher and higher compatibility and jointly form a powerful web application platform. Later, due to the good mechanism of J2EE (Java), it provides another important choice for building large websites with high availability, high scalability, supporting heterogeneous environment and distributed. A large number of giant websites, such as Taobao and jd.com, are built with J2EE (Java).

There is no need for piracy. The use of piracy will often receive a lawyer’s letter. If it is made public, it will have a great impact on the reputation and brand, and the impact of listed companies will be even greater. In fact, a large number of open source software has been fully enough to build the operating environment and development components required by various systems used by the chain hotels of the whole group (including PMS, CRS, website, wechat application, app, OA and HR).

3、 Must have high availability and high scalability

To achieve 99.9% high availability, that is, only 8 hours a year can’t be used. For example, Ctrip went down for 12 hours at the end of May, which greatly reduced the high availability of Ctrip.

The system can only be developed from as / as with high availability for at least half a year, and the system can only be developed from as / as with high availability for at least half a year; In the second half of the year, seed users are continuously connected. When seed users reach 200 different brands, the product has great adaptability and versatility. The system will be down every two weeks to four weeks, and the high availability can reach 98-99%; In the third and fourth half of the year, with the exponential increase in the number of users, the system performance and bottlenecks are constantly exposed and optimized. The system will be down once every two months, and the high availability can reach 99.9%. The recovery speed after downtime is also very different in each stage. It will take several hours a day in the first half year and a year. With the improvement of the architecture, the familiarity of the operation and maintenance team with the diagnosis of various problems, the familiarity with the optimization of various deployment components, and the improvement of the operation and maintenance system, it can be shortened to a few minutes.

In short, without two years and 10000 users, a saaspms system cannot mature.

To achieve 99.9% high availability, you must:

1) Before the new version goes online, rigorous function test and performance test shall be carried out, and automatic unit test and function test shall be carried out to ensure that the previous stable function will not be damaged;

2) Grasp the quality, timing and grayscale of the online version;

3) Routing server, application server, cache server, message middleware server and database server should be deployed separately, and load balancing and automatic health check should be done to prevent single point of failure;

4) Do remote disaster recovery. When the server and network equipment of a computer room node have problems or the optical fiber has been cut off, it will automatically switch to another computer room node after data verification, just like Alipay;

5) High scalability can ensure that the hotel does not panic when adding stores, and the sudden flow of holidays and promotions does not need to be nervous, because ten servers can be purchased and opened in a few minutes, and the environment can be prepared and online in an hour to handle a large amount of traffic.

4、 Strong operation and maintenance capability is also key

The operation and maintenance of PMS system of large and medium-sized chain hotels must have strict operation and maintenance system, 7 * 24 real-time monitoring and health inspection, early detection and prevention, disaster fault prevention and exercise, database collapse, attack, domain name problems and other emergency response capabilities.

From the architecture knowledge introduced in this article, there is still a threshold for PMS, especially cloud computing PMS. It can be done not by a technical team of more than ten people or after a year or two.

The Internet is flat. Internet technology and mobile Internet technology are developing rapidly and changing rapidly. It is still difficult to achieve a good and competitive architecture.

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