What should I pay attention to when upgrading Apple OS X El captain? OS X El captain 10.11 pre Installation Preparation


Apple officially launched OS X El captain 10.11 in the early morning of October 1. At present, users can download and upgrade for free through the MAC app store,In terms of comments from overseas science and technology media, OS X El captain 10.11 is as solid as a rock and has brought significant improvement in system stability.

Different from IOS 9, OS X El captain 10.11 has been praised by many parties. Unfortunately, users can’t wait to upgrade. What should we pay attention to when upgrading OS X El captain? What are the preparations for OS X 10.11 installation?

1) it is very important to repair the disk and file permissions

Before upgrading and installing OS X 10.11, please restart the computer and press and hold command-r to enter the recovery partition. Open the disk tool, select the main boot hard disk such as the Macintosh HD partition, first select the repair file permission, and then click repair disk.

This operation has been going on for nearly 10 years, but every year there are some people who want to save money. Conscience advises us to do something about it. Can avoid many upgrade problems.

2) back up files that cannot disappear to you

I suggest you use the time machine that Apple system brings to back up the data of your whole hard disk.

The backup method is very simple. You only need to use an external hard disk, and a 1TB hard disk costs only 400 yuan, but it can protect your computer’s files from accidental loss.


3) make aUSB boot disk

For 99.9% of users, downloading the installation files and updating them directly will not cause any problems. However, if an accident happens, if you don’t have a second-generation MAC nearby, we suggest you make a USB boot disk.

The only way to do this is to prepare an empty 8GB USB stick, and then change the name of the USB stick to OS X. After downloading the OS X 10.11 installation file from the app store, when your system interface language is Chinese.

Locate the Application Utility terminal. Copy and paste the following characters.

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan。app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/OSX –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan。app –nointeraction

Copy code

4) in the process of installation and upgrading, how to solve the problem when the last display is 1 minute too long?

Keep waiting. If there is no progress for more than 4 hours, you can force a restart. It is then recommended to install 10.11 over again.

Compatible and incompatible software

For design software, in addition to upgrading to the latest version, some software may have some compatibility problems when this article is released. Need to wait for software update support.

Tested available software:

Adobe CC 2015 series software

VMware fusion 7 and 8 virtual machines

QQ Wangwang latest edition

Microsoft Office 2016 15.3.1 and later

NTFS enhancement tool, tuxera NTFS needs to be overridden once.

Other more professional software welcome you to help provide testing, younger brother will try to keep the information updated.


Turn on the trim support of the third-party SSD directly.

OS X El capital makes it easier to turn on trim for third-party SSDs!

How to set the display phrase of lock screen.

In System Preferences – Security and privacy, information is displayed when the screen is locked, and click Set locked information.


Auto hide finder menu bar

In System Preferences – general, automatically hide and display the menu bar (and here I think there are semantic errors, and seemingly translated into or, because hidden display cannot appear at the same time. )


Activate the three finger drag function of the touchpad.

In System Preferences – accessibility – mouse and touchpad – touchpad options.



The last complaint, whether it’s IOS 9 or OS X 10.11 this year, makes me feel that I really can’t think of any new features. Let’s make do with the mix for a year. Although OS X 10.11 is nominally a large version update, it can not claim more than hundreds of innovations as before, and it can lead the competitors for several years.

I don’t know when I will see OS Xi, or version 11. Can I see such a shocking update from OS 9 to OS X 10?

One of the features not mentioned in this article is metal, the game 3D engine. Because there is no MAC game produced by metal engine at the date of publication. Can’t understand the sensory game experience brought by metal engine. There will be opportunities to experience again in the future.


Should OS X be more innovative?

Yes, although OS X is still improving in recent years, it can’t catch up with the speed of the past, and even can’t catch up with the speed of win’s copy. It’s no use criticizing this point. Someone will say you can do it.

As far as I’m concerned, I think this desktop is the first one on OS X desktop operating system. OS X 10.6 takes window operations to a whole new level. For example, the emergence of expose (now called mission control), and then the emergence of virtual desktop. All bring a lot of convenience for operation.

On the desktop, further innovation is needed. After using IOS devices or Android devices, people prefer to save files on the desktop, because files on the desktop are easier to access and obtain.

So, when can we see a richer way to manage and operate desktop files is a major progress of desktop operating systems. For example, desktop files can have different sizes of icons, different pop-up modes, and files can be fixed on the desktop or stacked in 3D?

Or, can you minimize the program window to a certain location on the desktop and fix it?

When can missioncontrol drag program windows from other virtual desktops?

Another is the quick index and preview of the picture file. I hope to see more killer features of OS X in the next version.