What should I do when the computer opens PS or CAD and prompts “loadlibrary failed with error 87”?


After updating amd graphics card driver, many friends will open PS or CAD software to pop up error dialog box and prompt “loadlibrary failed with error 87: parameter error”. What should we do? In the final analysis, the cause of the error is the update of AMD’s graphics card driver. When the driver is updated, the new file is only added to the computer in the form of overlay, but the old driver is not completely removed. As a result, some old files are still kept on the local computer after the driver is updated, so an error occurs when opening PS or CAD.

1. First, enterC: In the directory of windows system 32

2. Enter in the search boxFind atig6pxx.dll

3. Files to be foundDelete all.

be careful:When deleting a file, you may be prompted that you need administrator rights. At this time, click “continue”.

4. After deleting the file, open PS or CAD again, and the above error will not occur again.

matters needing attention:The above example is operated under win8.1 and can also be used in win10.

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