What should I do when some software in Linux system displays a garbled box in Chinese?


Some software under Linux will display Chinese abnormally. For example, NetBeans and other software that rely on JVM virtual machines to run. This is because the font displayed in JVM Chinese is missing. The method is to add the missing font to the JVM directory.

1. Query JRE Directory:

update-alternatives –config java

As shown in the figure, get the directory / usr / Java / jdk1.8.0_ 45/jre

Sun JDK is used here. Linux uses openjdk by default. The method is the same.

2. Get font gbsn00lp.ttf:

Some systems provide this font by default. You can query / usr / share / fonts to find it,

If not, you can search and download directly on the Internet.

For convenience, font links are directly provided here:


3. Migrate fonts:

Create a fallback folder in the JRE directory / lib / fonts, and put gbsn00lp.ttf into it.

Methods such as obtaining permissions will not be described here.

4. Renderings: