What should I do when I play the game and pop up the prompt of missing. Net Framework 3.5?


Many computer users will encounter a headache when playing some program games, and the prompt of “Net Framework 3.5″ will pop up.

Since Windows 8, Microsoft has blocked “. Net 3.5” by default. Users must choose the online installation mode if they need to. However, domestic users always encounter the embarrassment of slow download or frequent disconnection when they connect to Microsoft Server to download the program. Although there are various offline installation packages available on the Internet, there are always errors in the installation process. It can be said that only 10 of 100 users can successfully solve the problem of lack of. Net 3.5.

Today’s editor will teach you a way to quickly and effectively solve the problem of the lack of “Net Framework 3.5”.

First, copy the following address and download the. Net Framework 3.5 file.


At this point, you will find that the download file name is very long, and we need to change it to the name“netfx3.cab”(without quotes), and then move it to the C: \ windows path.

If the interface pops up and you choose to continue

Next, we need to install it on the command line by right clicking the start menu and selecting“Command prompt (administrator)”Turn on the administrator mode command line.

Then, put the following line of code:

dism /online /Enable-Feature/FeatureName:NetFx3 /Source:”%windir%” /LimitAccess

Copy to the command line window interface and execute. Wait a moment. When the progress bar reaches 100%, it means OK. Now run those programs or games. Is there no annoying prompt?

The above is the solution to pop up the prompt of missing. Net Framework 3.5 when playing the game. Have you learned it? I hope this article can help you!