What should I do when I look at TXT file display messy code under Apple Mac OS X system?


This article will share with you how to solve the problem of easy scrambling when viewing TXT text files under OS X system. See below.

1. First of all, you need to find the TextEdit application.You can find it in the Lanuchpad add-onIt can also be usedSpotlight direct search.

2、After finding TextEditThe preference settings can be found in the top menu bar, as follows:

3. After clicking, a settings window appears, as follows:

4、Locate the set file encoding windowAs shown below, you can choose your common language, such as Chinese scrambling.Simplified Chinese encoding can be used:

5. After setting up,After TextEdit is closed, you can open the txt file with TextEdit again without any random code.

Matters needing attention:You need to set TextEdit according to your TXT file encoding.

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