What should I do if vs2017 installation error prompts that the signature verification fails?


Today, a vs2017 is installed, but the signature verification failure will be prompted when installing. This is because FIPS compatible algorithms are used for encryption, hash and signature encryption. You can install it after disabling it.

Software name:
Official version of visual studio 2017 (with offline installation package) official website simplified Chinese version
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2017-03-14Download now

1. Failed to install vs2017 prompt signature. I disabled FIPS compatible algorithm for encryption, hash and signature. Run the command line and enter the commandgpedit.msc

2. Open the local group policy editor and locateWindows settings

3. Open windows settings and findSecurity settings – >Local policy

4. FindSecurity options – system secret – > use FIPS compatible algorithms for encryption, hashing and signing-Set disabled

5. Right clickattribute, set toDisable

6. Then click the vs2017 installation package again, you will not be prompted that the signature failed, and you can install it. Click Install and select your required components for installation.

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