What should I do if the computer fails to boot and displays the exiting Intel PXE Rom?


This is caused after your network card has enabled the boot function of boot ROM chip, and the network card has PXE boot chip. It’s not only time-consuming, but also generally can’t be started. How to solve this problem can be shared as follows:

1. Restart the computer and press del to enterbios; Some computers press F2 or other keys, which varies according to the computer BIOS.

2. Press the left and right keys,Select the boot menu。 You can see the startup sequence and supported startup types of the computer

3. The detailed explanation of boot boot screen is shown in the figure below. Please refer to the operation tips below. The operation methods of different bios are similar. Use the minus key here tonetword boot from amd am79c9701The startup item is adjusted to the last. The adjustment of hard disk, optical drive and removable device depends on the situation.

4. The adjusted sequence is as follows:

5. PressPress the left and right keys to select the Exit menu, select Save settings and exit,Or press F10 directly and select Yes, restart the computer.

6. Restart the computer and the computer smoothly enters the startup system.

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