What should I do if I prompt “unlocking failed” when unlocking the computer folder?


We usually use the encryption function in the process of using software, but there is another function that can not be ignored, which is the folder locking function. The file (folder) locking function can only be used on NTFS partition.

1. Lock a folder, but when unlocking, it shows: Unlocking failed! The solution: open it first“My computer”Or“computer”Or is it“This computer”, double click the previously locked folder to see if it can be opened normally, so as to determine whether the folder is normal.

2. If you are prompted to open a folder“You cannot access this folder at this time”, indicating that the folder is indeed locked.

3. At this time, check whether the login is an administrator account (if this prompt appears, it’s basically notLog in as AdministratorOf course. Then log in to the administrator account, open the software, find the folder in the file list on the left side of the software window, and right-click the folder to select it“File (folder) unlocking”That’s it.

matters needing attention:If the file or folder is locked under the ordinary user, it needs to be unlocked under the administrator account!

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