What should I do if I fail to start after configuring vsftpd service in Linux system?


The solution to the boot failure after the successful installation of vsftpd in Linux is that the FTP port 21 is occupied, which causes the vsftpd service to fail to start normally

1. Check whether the vsftpdf service is installed successfullyrpm -qa|gerp vsft

2. Start the vsftpd service:service vsftpd start, as shown in the figure, failed to start

3. Check whether FTP ports 20 and 21 are occupiednetstat -natp |grep 20  ,netstat -natp |grep 21 Port 21 is occupied by pure ftpd

4. Shut down the pureftpd serviceservice pureftpd stop 

5. Check again if FTP ports 20 and 21 are occupiednetstat -natp |grep 20  ,netstat -natp |grep 21Port OK

6. Start service vsftpd:service vsftpd start

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