What should I do if all the folders become exe files? Two solutions to kiss virus in computer


I’ve been burning CDs to other people recently. The other party sent a compressed package from the Internet, opened it and saw that there was an EXE file in it. Driven by curiosity, he opened the EXE file and found that all the folders in the computer had become exe files. What was quite depressing was that the anti-virus software didn’t give any hints, but the problem still had to be solved, and finally the problem was solved through efforts.

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1、 Main poisoning symptoms

1. All the folders in each disk are changed into exe files. In fact, this EXE file is not a real folder. It just disguises itself as a folder. If we don’t show the extension in the display, you won’t know that it is an EXE file, and the real folder is just hidden.

2. Open the task manager, we will find that there are two more processes in the process, one is kiss.exe One is kissme.exe These two processes can’t be terminated, which is quite depressing. If they can be terminated, the virus can basically be deleted manually. I remember solving this problem a long time ago, but now it seems to be no longer possible.

3. The generated camouflage folder cannot be deleted. The so-called “unable to delete” means that you delete the camouflage folder, and it will be restored as long as you refresh or wait a few seconds. Here, because its process is running all the time, the deletion is futile.

Solution 1: antivirus software

1. If your anti-virus software is upgraded within half a year, Congratulations, your computer is still saved. Restart to enter the safe mode for anti-virus. Of course, you can download the stubborn Trojan removal software to remove it, and you can also remove it through the security guard.

2. If you can’t enter the security mode, it doesn’t matter. You can directly start the overall antivirus function of the antivirus software in the system, and enable the stubborn Trojan to clear at the same time. If the two are opened at the same time, the virus can be cleared eventually. After clearing, sometimes there will be a sequel, that is, the hidden folder cannot be displayed. Even if we set the folder option to display all hidden files, it is useless, because you will find that you have changed it. After you click OK, it will be changed back to not display. Now it’s time to look at the next step.

Solution 2: show the hidden folder

1. Enter “regedit” in the run column to open the registry editor and open the following location:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden]What’s the problemCheckedValueOn this key, you can double-click it,Change its value to 1From here, the hidden files can be displayed correctly.

2. Remove the hidden properties of the hidden folder. Select the folder, right-click to display the folder properties, remove the check in front of the hidden properties of the folder, and then confirm whether the pop-up affects the subfolders, we can select the above do not affect the subfolders.

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