What process is xmp.exe? Xmp.exe crashed suddenly? Introduction to xmp.exe Program File


Origin and Function

xmp.exe是迅雷看看程序的一部分xmp.exeThe process program file is a multimedia online player defined by Xunlei Look Player, which is released by Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Co., Ltd. If the user sees the xmp.exe program running in Windows Task Manager, it means that you have installed this Thunderbolt Look Player software on your computer. We can use this program to achieve multimedia playback, such as watching movies online and storing them in the user’s computer.

If xmp.exe is found to occupy a large amount of network broadband resources, it is usually because users are using the movie resources. For some older computers, the xmp.exe program will also lead to high CPU utilization. For this phenomenon, we can open the task manager to terminate it.

Xmp.exe crashedIt seems that many users have encountered this kind of problem. Usually, you can uninstall Xunlei to see it, and then go to the official website to download the latest version to solve it. Remember to back up important video data before reinstallation.

Obviously, the xmp.exe program is not a part of Microsoft’s Windows system itself, but a functional software released by a third-party software manufacturer running in Windows system. From its functional performance, this program does not have the characteristics of Trojan Horse Virus. However, the following problems are not excluded:

Xmp.exe virus

At present, there are few cases of virus infection, but it is not excluded that some viruses are spreading by using the same or similar terms as the program. We can identify them by the following methods:

This process appears on the computer without Thunderbolt to see the player program; this process is not in Thunderbolt to see the software installation directory; usually there are two or more xmp.exes running at the same time under C: Program Files; this process can not be shut down, or after uninstalling Thunderbolt to see the client program, xmp.exe will still run automatically;

If the above situation occurs, please update the virus library of anti-virus software in time to conduct a complete check on the computer, and if necessary, consider re-installing the system.