What process is UNS.exe? Can UNS.exe be a virus? Introduction to UNS.exe Program File


Origin and Function

Intel公司标志UNS.exe process program file is an integral part of Intel chipset driver released by American semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel (Intel), which is described as Intel (R) Active Management Technology User Notification Service, i.e. Intel (R) Active Management Technology User Notification Service. The function of uns.exe is mainly embodied in heat pipe, which is between firmware and system driver, similar to an interface, through which the system can interact with firmware to improve heat management. (taskmgr.exe is a process)

Common location: C: Program Files (C is the disk character where the system disk is located)

This program is a background program (computer process running in the operating system background without user intervention). The reason why I can see it running is that your computer uses Intel chipset and installs the corresponding driver (UNS.exe will be installed with the driver). Usually, the UNS.exe process will start and run automatically, but we can turn it off by modifying the services in the MSCONFIG.

Tips:Some users have reported that some versions of UNS.exe program under Win7 system have memory leak problems, which can lead to excessive memory resources, which can be solved by updating the chipset driver or BIOS.

UNS.exe virus

At present, there are few cases of virus infection, but it is not excluded that some viruses are spreading by using the same or similar terms as the program. We can identify them by the following methods:

This process appears on a computer that does not use the Intel chipset; this process is not in the installation directory, but in the C: Windows System32 directory or C: Windows System32 directory; there are two or more UNS.exes running at the same time; this process cannot be shut down (usually caused by Trojan virus self-protection).

If the above situation occurs, please update the virus library of anti-virus software in time to conduct a complete check on the computer, and if necessary, consider re-installing the system.

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