What process is Tor.exe? What are the functions? Introduction to Tor.exe Program Files and Functions


Calendar and function

Tor.exe process program files are usually Tor/Tor Project or the main program of TheOnion Router proxy software, which is considered as Privoxy or Polipo, Hide My IP Address, Tor, sometimes described as Tor Project or Onion Router. Its function is mainly embodied in that it can be hidden network path to access the open Internet network. The main application is to visit foreign websites or hide their tracks when they visit the Internet.

Tor.exe is a proxy server similar to the principle of P2P (direct link between user and user computer). All users who install Tor.exe are both proxy server users and proxy server providers. Tor.exe is built by volunteers who spend their own bandwidth. Tor.exe establishes a virtual channel of a network, which makes many groups or individuals use public network communication and sharing information without revealing their identity and other information.

Tor.exe is often used with Mozilla Firefox to achieve anonymous access to the network and to achieve some kind of behavior deemed “improper and just”. If you find that the process is running in the computer task manager or that you see the program file on disk, it usually indicates that you have used or installed Tor.

Tor.exe virus

At present, there are few cases of Tor.exe-related virus infection, but it is not excluded that some viruses are being transmitted by the same or similar terms as the program. We can identify them by the following methods:

This process appears on a computer that does not use the network proxy service software; the process files are not in the Program Files directory but in the C: Windows System32 directory or C: Windows System32 directory; two or more UNS.exes are running at the same time; the process cannot be shut down (usually due to the Trojan Horse virus’s self-protection function).

If the above situation occurs, please update the virus library of anti-virus software in time to conduct a complete check on the computer, and if necessary, consider re-installing the system.

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