What process is Safebox Tray.exe? Is it a virus? What function does it have?


Do you see the Safebox Tray. exe process running in the task manager? Where does it come from and what functions does it have? AnswerWhat process is Safebox Tray.exe?

Safebox Tray.exe process basic information:
Procedure vendor: Qihu 360
Process description: 360 safe
Process Properties: Not Windows System Processes
Using the Internet: No
Startup: Usually a random startup

Origin and Function



Safebox Tray.exe process file is an important part of 360 safe box program issued by Chinese security manufacturer Qihu 360 (Beijing Qihu Technology Co., Ltd.) (a tool to protect other important password account programs, now renamed game safe).


Its functions include providing operation support for 360 safe and displaying a green safe running logo in the Windows system taskbar (as shown in the figure above). If you see this process running in Windows Task Manager, in most cases it means that you have installed 360 Game Safety Boxes and it is in a boot state. The 360 safe is started by default with the computer booting, so is Safebox Tray.exe. We can find the Safebox Tray.exe program in the following directory of hard disk:

C: Program Files Safebox (next to default installation path, C stands for system disk)

Obviously, this process is safe, and relatively speaking, its operation will be conducive to the account security of other important programs in the system. In addition, if you have any complaints about it, you can temporarily terminate Safebox Tray.exe from the Task Manager or delete it by uninstalling the 360 Game Safe Box. Of course, the function of the 360 Safe Box will also expire.

Common problem

No Start-Up AutomaticallyThe method is simple. After opening the safe of 360 games, follow the following steps:

Settings (in the lower right corner) General settings Boot-up with the system (remove the previous check state can be)

Is this a Safebox Tray. Exe virus? :At present, there are few cases of virus infection, but it is not excluded that some viruses are spreading by using the same or similar terms as the program. We can identify them by the following methods:

This process occurs when no 360 safe is installed in the computer; two or more Safebox Tray.exes are running at the same time; if the safe is installed, the process will still exist after uninstalling it, or it will not terminate in the task manager.

If the above situation occurs, please update the virus library of anti-virus software in time to conduct a complete check on the computer, and if necessary, consider re-installing the system.