What process is rundll32.exe


Rundll32.exe process information
Process file: rundll32 or rundll32.exe
Process name: Microsoft rundll32 normal location: X: (current system partition) \ windows \ system32
Description: Test for Netguide.. — caiger2008
Produced by: Microsoft Corp
Of: Microsoft Windows operating system
System process: Yes
Daemons: Yes
Use network: no
Hardware related: no
Common error: unknown n / A
Memory usage: unknown n / a security level (0-5): 0
We found that rundl132.exe is an important system process file. It is a DLL file running on memory. Generally, if we open the program, we need the support of rundll32.exe. All are very important for the normal operation of the system.
However, some netizens said that rundll32.exe is a virus file and should be checked and closed. Rundll32.exe may also be infected by a virus, causing the computer to run abnormally. But some netizens regard rundl132.exe as rundll32.exe. The 1 and l above are very similar. Rundl132.exe is the virus file. Specifically to attack the computer and steal user account password and other information. Therefore, users should first look carefully and distinguish it, and then make a conclusion.
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